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Bruno Jactel

Chief Executive Officer
Pertinent Eco-Solutions, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2019
Industry: Agriculture

Don H Bravaldo

Bruno Jactel says he was called to action after his friend who worked in agriculture was diagnosed with leukemia. Professionals working in agriculture have a higher risk of blood or prostate cancers linked to pesticides, he said, and it spurred him to launch his business, Pertinent Eco-solutions, Inc.

“This is why and when Pertinent was created,” Jactel said. “I called my partners and said to them, ‘We have to do something about it. There must be a better technology that could replace the current chemical pesticides with safer solutions.’ We had already developed powerful plant-based insecticides for the human health market in our previous company and decided to get out of retirement and embark on a much more ambitious journey: to provide safe and effective plant-based pest control product for a more sustainable agriculture, cleaner food, protected human and animal communities and a healthier planet.”

Pertinent Eco-solutions, Inc. is on a mission to protect the planet by reducing the use of traditional chemical pesticides. “In their place, we have developed nature-derived pest-control solutions that are safe and effective,” the company said. “Our unique technology harnesses the power of nature and enhances it with rigorous science, so you don’t have to choose between what works and what is good for the environment.”

Prior to Pertinent, Jactel was the CEO of TyraTech, a life-sciences company focused on nature-derived insect- and parasite-control products. Jactel successfully raised multiple rounds of financing for the company, fueling an aggressive growth strategy and restructured balance sheet. Before TyraTech, Jactel was the chief marketing and strategy officer at Merial, a leading animal health company with revenue of $3 billion, employing more than 5,000 people.

“In the current volatile and challenging business environment, leaders need to be able, more than ever, to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, respond to opportunities and protect the company against threats,” Jactel said. “Economic uncertainty will push them to operate nimbly and make extra efforts to attract and retain talents. In addition, leaders will require an ability to move rapidly from strategy to execution, communicate clearly and make decisions based on data and customer feedback.”

Jactel started his career as assistant professor at the National Veterinary School in Paris. He is a doctor in veterinary medicine, laureate for the university, and holds a master’s degree in economic policy from Sorbonne University. He is also a graduate (summa cum laude) of the prestigious school for governmental affairs, the National School of Administration. He was awarded the national Veterinary of the Year prize in 1993.

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He qualified twice for the Boston Marathon and is a Black Belt in Judo.

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