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Stephen Goldberg

CEO & Co-Founder


Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2017

Industry: Software

Like a lot of startups, HarperDB started as a thin operation with a short runway. Under Stephen Goldberg’s leadership as founder and CEO, the software company, founded in 2017, secured its footing and today is thriving.

“We started HarperDB with a team of five, cash to last us less than three months and no idea if our idea would work,” Goldberg said. “While we had no idea if our product would work, if people would want to use it, we were too stubborn to give up and too foolish to realize how hard it would be. Six years later, we have a team of 20- plus people, have built a great product, an amazing team and have built the world’s most advanced edge technology.”

HarperDB is a software, database, data management and edge computing operation with the mission to make data management easier, faster and more cost effective. It has 100,000 users, 10,000 subscribers and has built partnerships with companies such as Verizon, Lumen, Akamai, and Equinix. The company reached $6 million in sales this past year.

“For most companies dealing with complex data sets, the industry standard now involves far too many solutions and technologies,” the company said. “The HarperDB founders found this common issue to be frustrating and untenable. As a result, Stephen and his co-founders realized that the only solution was to build their own product from the ground up; a product that could be installed in under two minutes and scale to meet the needs of global enterprise customers.”

Goldberg’s five-year goal for HarperDB is to be a multibillion dollar organization that is privately held and run by fewer than 200 people. The company will continue to expand its ability to give back to Denver and the broader tech ecosystem by helping provide opportunities for technical leaders to grow, innovate and learn, Goldberg’s team said.

HarperDB was founded in Colorado and has held several office locations throughout the Denver area. The team is passionate about boosting the local economy and has built a strong network/ community through numerous avenues. The HarperDB team dedicates its time to giving back to the Colorado tech community through volunteering and mentorship. “This will remain a theme through the next five years and beyond, as company culture and giving back has always been of utmost importance to Stephen and the executive team,” the company said.

Goldberg has worked as a CTO and CEO of startups, held several roles at larger organizations, such as Red Hat, and led digital transformation projects at a number of Fortune 500 companies across many verticals. He is an established thought leader in the technology space and has been published on sites such as Tech Target and quoted in a number of articles and publications, such as Forbes and ZDNET. Goldberg has also been a speaker at IoT World, SAP Sapphire, Salesforce’s Dreamforce, and Web Summit.

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Stephen studied Theology and taught English in Egypt early in his career. He started coding when he was about 13. When he has the free time, he is an avid fly-fisher. He has a 160 pound rescue dog named Eli.


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