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Robert Nartker

Chief Operations & Compliance Officer

Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Location: Colorado Springs

Founded: 1971

Industry: Healthcare

Robert Nartker believes in taking calculated risks, but he also believes in demonstrating patience, even when the risk doesn’t immediately pay off.

“As leaders who take calculated risks, we must embrace a culture and mindset that encourages the trial and error of new ideas so that we may continue to grow and thrive,” he said. “I believe that successful leaders should have the patience for and understanding of failures that may lead to breakthroughs, rather than settling for the familiar path that hinders growth.”

Nartker puts that belief into practice in his role as chief operations and compliance officer at Peak Vista Community Health Centers (PVCHC), which aims to provide exceptional healthcare to people facing access barriers through clinical programs and education. PVCHC is a nonprofit providing whole-person healthcare to more than 90,000 patients at 23 outpatient centers throughout Colorado’s Pikes Peak and East Central regions.

“At Peak Vista, we are committed to addressing social determinants of health and removing access barriers, meeting people where they are and helping them get to where they need to be,” the organization said. “We promote a culture of philanthropy as an organization while nurturing bidirectional community partnerships with like-minded organizations that understand that the health of our people contributes to the health of our community.”

Over the past 12 months, PVCHC has focused on meeting the demands for access to healthcare, which has multiplied because of the increase in population in Colorado Springs and Colorado at large. Over 87% of Peak Vista’s patients are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and face financial barriers to care. The nonprofit’s new Health Center Downtown helps reach the community’s most vulnerable populations, especially those experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Under Nartker’s leadership, the organization opened its second dedicated behavioral health center, the Enrichment & Counseling Center (ECC), in October 2022. The space increases the nonprofit’s focus on outpatient services for this patient population. PVCHC also works closely with agencies that support military veterans and provides access to the services they need.

“The greatest leadership lesson I have learned, and continue to learn from every day, is that you cannot lead and grow if you aren’t listening,” Nartker said. “What makes us great leaders is the ability to stand back, sit down and listen to everyone around us, from our teams and stakeholders to other leaders, strategic partners and the community around us. Above all, as leaders there are lessons to be gleaned from the voices of our staff, the frontline workers who see things we may miss, who understand the heart and soul of what makes us successful, as well as some of the challenges we face as an organization.”

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Success isn’t accomplished alone; it takes a village. I am proud of this accomplishment and grateful to meet other leaders, listen and learn, and find new ways to set an example and serve my organization and community. The greatest value is in the connections made with other leaders, the lessons learned together, and the positive impact we share.


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