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Robert Lindley

President & CEO

Canyon Title

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2006

Industry: Title Insurance

** Hall of Fame **

Team over profits. Culture over revenue. “Listen, learn and care,” says Robert Lindley, president and CEO of Canyon Title, a Denver-based title insurance firm founded in 2006.

“People don’t respond well to fear,” Lindley said. “Educating employees on the needs of the customers and the team drives improvement. Cultural alignment is far more critical than revenue. A united team is an unstoppable team; the revenue always follows. Build a community, not a P&L [profit and loss].

“Always listen to your team and genuinely consider their perspective. They know what they (and the customers) need more than anyone else. Be honest. Be transparent and be approachable. There can be love in the workplace. Professional love is achieved through creating relationships with your teammates and clients so that you are making money by serving your friends.”

Over the last two years, Lindley said his proudest moment was repurchasing his company from the public sector. “While this process was quite contentious, the experience reinforced my belief that being patient, calm and clear on your values allows you to manifest even the most challenging goals,” Lindley said. “While many doubted the probability of a positive outcome, my focus on solutions that aligned with my beliefs carried this brutal task over the finish line.”

In the coming years, Lindley plans to look for ways to diversify revenue, especially as consolidation and devaluation of services continues to be the trend in residential real estate.

“Like all industries, technology has played a vital role in pushing us forward, however, tech alone will never replace the critical support a quality customer service professional provides,” Lindley said. “I will lead by balancing the financial, technological and service outcomes we create.”

“Externally Canyon will remain progressive in its revenue diversification strategies trailblazing the future of our industry so others can follow in our path. Internally, I believe in building up an organic pool of talent,” he said.

Asked about his legacy, Lindley said he wants to be remembered for leading with his heart and solving problems with a unique approach.

“I want to be remembered as a progressive within the title insurance industry because I solved common problems with uncommon solutions,” he said. “I want to be remembered as someone who proved that leading a company with your heart creates greater personal and professional fulfillment than any organization that strictly looks at the P&L. Most importantly, I want to be remembered as someone who always left those he served better than he found them.”

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“Cultural alignment is far more critical than revenue. A united team is an unstoppable team.”


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