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Paige Goss

Founder & CEO

Point Solutions Group

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2017

Industry: Technology and Engineering Professional Services

Paige Goss risked everything to start Point Solutions Group (PSG), a technology and engineering professional services firm.

“In April 2017, I left my last corporate role to pursue my dream of owning and running a successful defense and intelligence contracting business,” she said. “In just 43 days, we sold our house in North Carolina; moved to Colorado, where I didn’t know a single person; and found out my wife was pregnant with twins. Alone in an office with my laptop, I started PSG by cold-calling prospects, guided by the firm belief that we could build a different kind of people-centric IT services firm.”

PSG follows this mantra: Work smart. Deploy the best people. Keep all data secure, and always provide customers with an efficient “less is more” approach to solving complex problems.

The company faced a challenging 2022 with turnover and decreasing revenue that it had not seen in five years of business. It forced Goss to make an honest assessment of the company and its culture and look inward to see what she could do to make things better, she said.

“As a leader, it would have been easy to look externally to market conditions, the quiet quitting movement or shifts in the technology labor market,” Goss said. “Instead, I took it on myself and analyzed the decisions I had made over the last 18 months that led us to the current situation. I tried tirelessly to fix it all myself, and it was only making things worse. As I reflect now, I realize that I failed in being transparent with my team and asking for help along the way.

“Transparency and vulnerability had been staples in my leadership philosophy and execution, and I abandoned that and turned inward in ways that were not in alignment with our organization’s culture. Fortunately, I made several big shifts mid-2022 which changed the trajectory of the company and the outcome for the year. I leaned into asking for help and encouraging my team to do the same with their employees. This change was not easy, but it was absolutely the best thing for me and the company long-term. This was a hard lesson to learn, but I will remember that leading with truth and vulnerability is critical for success.”

In 2022, Goss finished four years of service as a member of the young professionals board for the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She was recently named chair of the board for the National Foundation for Ending Childhood Abuse and Neglect. This is Goss’ second year on the Titan 100 list.

“Being a titan of Industry has given me the confidence and courage to step into leadership opportunities outside of my industry and into an area that is desperate for support and growth,” Goss said. “I believe it is my responsibility to take the opportunity to challenge others in industry to step out of their comfort zone to make a difference in the community which supports us and our businesses.”

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Recognition as a Titan is something I am very proud of and take extremely seriously. I know this recognition is earned each day and I have a responsibility to the Titan community and industry to push forward and expand our work. Together, we can do more which is the greatest value of this program.


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