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Misty Gregarek

President & COO

National Corporate Housing

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1999

Industry: Temporary Housing, Staffing and Recruiting

Misty Gregarek is president and chief operating officer of National Corporate Housing, which finds temporary corporate housing for clients. It has 28 offices across North America and in London, Dublin and Singapore.

“Our focus is ensuring your employees are completely at home and ready to do whatever they need to do, whenever they need it, anywhere in the world,” the company said. “Through our team of seasoned corporate housing experts and network of highly vetted supply partners, we excel at delivering customized temporary housing solutions, from serviced apartments, to rental assistance services, to destination services and insurance housing. Our global housing experts create personal, humanconnected relationships to understand each client’s unique housing needs and create exceptional experiences. For us, every guest is a VIP.”

Under Gregarek’s leadership, the company has emerged from the pandemic on the upswing. Gregarek said she leaned on her long-held core belief that people are the superpower in any successful organization.

“As a former human resources leader, I brought that mantra into the president’s role and, despite what has been a challenging staffing year for many businesses, National Corporate Housing has thrived,” she said. “We have navigated the post-pandemic environment by staying laser-focused on our employees, creating what we believe is an enviable people-first culture that has helped us recruit, retain and upskill great people.”

Gregarek noted that 94% of National Corporate Housing’s employees say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at the typical U.S. company. She also noted the company’s low turnover.

Gregarek pointed to the company’s recent effort to grow its internship program and give those in the program a defined career path.

“Our program teaches new graduates the practical aspects of selling and leadership, enabling them to take classroom knowledge and apply it in real-world settings,” she said. “Through this apprenticeship approach, our colleagues are well-positioned to become business development representatives and leaders in our 30-plus global markets.”

This is the second time Gregarek has been named a titan. She pointed out a shift in workplace mentality in the aftermath of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Post-pandemic, employees are much more focused on the whole self,’ she said. “They have come through lockdowns and disruptions, experiences that have dramatically changed their perspective of what is important in their work and in their lives. Employees are looking for their employer to fill voids, to address their wellness and overall wellbeing, areas that were not on most employers’ radar previously.

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Being named a Titan 100 last year was a great honor. As I look at my fellow nominees and their accomplishments, I am humbled to be among such great leaders in both their organizations and their communities.


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