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Matt Magrann

Co-Founder & CEO

Projex Inc.

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2017

Industry: Commercial Furniture and Architectural Walls

In 2017, Matt Magrann put every dollar he had into co-founding his company, Projex Inc.

“In that moment, I was filled with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, fear and doubt,” he said. “I questioned whether I had what it takes and if I would fall flat on my face. Looking back on that decision, I am eternally grateful that I rose above those emotions and decided to move forward. Life is filled with ups, downs and everything in between — you will be tested time and time again. How we respond, react to these moments, defines our character and who we go on to be.”

Projex Inc. is a furniture dealer for commercial furniture and demountable wall products. “Projex was founded upon the principles of doing things differently,” the company said. “That starts with our own people. We believe in order to create outstanding culture externally, you must start internally. Our people have a knack for more than furniture, they possess passion to become the best they can be, in any and every endeavor.”

Magrann met co-founding partner Hal Matthews in 2015, and they became fast business friends based on mutual appreciation for one another’s drive and skills. A year later, the two had formulated a plan to start Projex. When it came time to launch the endeavor, Matthews asked Magrann to be the CEO of the operation.

“Matt’s drive, ambition and rapid business acumen growth has made all the difference in helping the organization transition from birth, through adolescence to maturity,” Matthews said. “Matt is the driving force behind everything that Projex has become, I am very pleased to be along for the ride.”

Projex is preparing to move into a new headquarters, and the company has plans to expand to new locations in the West. The company’s Denver operation is expected to reach $50 million and a staff of 45 within five years. The Seattle component of the company is tracking to reach $25 million in sales during the same time period. Total organizational revenue is expected to reach $100 million within five years.

The company was recognized as a Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work 2020 and 2021 and in Denver Business Journal’s Fast 50, 2021. Magrann takes pride in employee selection and development. He recruits the best, convinces them of the best career opportunity at Projex, then puts his money where his mouth is by paying well and providing growth opportunities, the company said. Key contributors are rewarded with bonuses and the best of the best are offered ownership opportunities.

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Matt has a golden retriever, Hadley, who is involved in the day-to-day activities of the office and is always ready to great clients. Matt’s other primary outlet for competitive challenge is golf. Though he only took up the game a few year ago, he and a partner won the 2022 Sliceroo partnership at Lakewood Country Club, and he was the finalist in 2021 for the season long match play champion.


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