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Jason Ganahl

Founder & President


Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 2015

Industry: Hospitality

Jason Ganahl is founder and president of GQue BBQ, which aims to push the boundaries of what people think of barbeque restaurants by incorporating normal food items but smoking them — smoked brisket cheesesteaks, smoked pork enchiladas, fish tacos, coconut curry wings and other nontraditional barbeque fare.

The company recently launched an app, and it has a personal growth leader on staff full time to help with the professional and personal growth of its employees. Developing new leaders is a priority for Ganahl.

“I am proud of bringing people into the organization making hourly wages and now making $75,000 and more as leaders in GQue,” he said. “The first manger I … ever hired, five years ago, is now a partner and has tripled his income … being with me for five years.”

The company opened its third store last year, and it quickly grew to its highest revenue location. The company’s Westminster store is in its seventh year and has averaged 23% growth year-over-year since it opened.

“I am reminded of the experts that said if you’re lucky, that store will do $1.5 million in its first year. … We will do $3.5 million this year,” Ganahl said.

GQue has three locations inside Denver’s Empower Field and two inside Folsom Field in Boulder. The company does more volume in its stadium locations than any other brand or stand, Ganahl said.

The company is planning to expand, with more stores and infrastructure. It has brought its accounting and training in-house. It is planning to buy land and build, a first for the company. It will build an ice cream manufacturing facility for its sister brand, the Ice Cream Farm.

“I am proud to be expanding when our industry is seeing a lot of closures,” Ganahl said. “We are proud of our Google ratings, and [we] rank as good as any BBQ brand in the country, in terms of quantity and quality, of scores of brands with multiple locations.” Ganahl serves on the board of directors for the Colorado Restaurant Association and the South Metro and Westminster Chambers.

“I succeed in mentorship when I see those that I give my time to doing well for themselves and asking me to meet again,” he said. “I take great joy from those that want to keep meeting regularly to discuss business and how to overcome challenges that exist.”

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