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Doug Chapiewsky

Founder & CEO

Kanso Software

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2012

Industry: Software Product Development

Doug Chapiewsky is founder and CEO of Kanso Software, and he poured everything he had into keeping it afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic and other hurdles in recent years.
“The most important risk I took was investing all of my personal resources in the company to allow the company to survive the pandemic and other traumatic events in the past few years,” he said. “This included all financial, time and personal well-being assets necessary to keep our business operationally and culturally healthy. While the risks required to survive were extreme and real, they have also led to personal growth, meaningful impact, and a sense of fulfillment. I am eternally grateful for my family steadfastly standing beside me on this tumultuous entrepreneurial journey through a time never seen before.”
Chapiewsky said 2022 was a difficult year for his company and team due in part to the death of the company’s chief technology officer.

“The organizational stress caused by such a significant loss is hard to comprehend,” he said. “Throughout the year I cautiously deployed numerous strategies to ensure stable organizational mental health while growing our software business at a very crucial time. These included the incorporation of healthcare professionals into our team during this transition period.
“We also employed regular communication exercises to ensure clarity of emotions at an individual level. Our team of software developers regularly changed operations to accommodate the loss of our most capable engineer. And we all worked harder than we ever have while paying close attention to the well-being of each other. The fact that one year later we are in a stronger financial and market position than ever before is a testimony to our resilience during this time of hardship.”

In the coming year, Chapiewsky is focused on building and accelerating top line growth and leveraging all tools available in technology, social media, internet and personal communication to increase revenue across all products.

Chapiewsky said one of the most important moves his company made in the last year was connecting with ActivateWork Colorado. Through this partnership, Kanso Software onboards employees “through our customer service discipline and then puts them on a path of their desires,” Chapiewsky said. “They can rapidly be on the way to a six-figure salary in software development, product management, security and other highly desired technical skills. They are also exposed to all aspects of business management and starting [their] own company. Our hope is to provide an open environment resulting in the personal development of every employee to be self-sufficient for the rest of their lives.”

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It is a true honor to be recognized as a Titan 100 CEO. Being a founder and CEO is a very lonely spot due to the inability of having a peer relationship within your company. Having a camaraderie of other CEOs in a similar situation is comforting and rewarding. Recognition of our achievements are few and far between.The greatest value I find in this platform is the networking I have obtained from the many great Titans in Colorado. These are truly wonderful, kind and brilliant entrepreneurs.


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