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Don Martin

President & CEO

Bloomin Promotions

Location: Boulder

Founded: 1995

Industry: Promotional Product Manufacturer/Supplier

Don Martin is president and CEO of Bloomin Promotions, a leader in eco-friendly promotional products for the specialty ad industry. It manufactures handmade paper embedded with seeds that can be planted and grown into wildflowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and more.

“Unlike most ‘swag’ giveaways that end up in the landfill, our memorable and plantable giveaways speak volumes about the giver’s own commitment to the planet and their sustainability initiatives,” the company said. “The recipient plants the branded gift (cards, direct mail postcards, bookmarks, coasters, business cards, etc.) and cultivates a lasting relationship with the sender that comes flowering up each spring.”

Bloomin Promotions started in 1995 as a specialty greeting card company. Soon, companies were asking for branded plantable greeting cards they could send to customers, seeking to tie their business to an eco-friendly message. Bloomin then shifted and made its target audience the promotional products industry.

“It has been my mission to help transform the industry into a more sustainable one, helping distributors and suppliers make the right choices with promotional and direct mail products,” Martin said. “We have been fortunate to see the demand for our products rise in recent years as the industry is acknowledging the need for more sustainable items.”

Bloomin employs nearly 50 people during the busy months and more than 35 full time. The members of the management team have remained with the company for nearly 10 years. The company owns two commercial buildings where it manufactures, prints, die cuts, assembles and ships its products around the globe.

In 2005 Bloomin became a certified B Corp, meeting the highest standards for social and environmental business practices, and it has been recertified three times. “We were one of the first to join the movement and have since helped dozens of other like-minded companies see the light and join the B Corp community,” the company said. “At Bloomin, we truly walk the walk when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.”

Martin has served on several boards including Employment Link, which helps place individuals with disabilities into inclusive work environments. From 2012 to 2017 he served as president of the Employment Link Board of Directors. He has also served on advisory boards in the promotions industry to assist with product safety and environmental initiatives.

“In my world, leaders are entrepreneurs that take risks every day,” Martin said. “They help others get out of their comfort zones to take chances with new products, applications, markets, partnerships and ways of thinking. They never stop thinking and striving for improvement in themselves and the organizations they lead.”

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Having competed in tennis, playing #1 at Div II powerhouse Rollins College, Don now enjoys platform tennis and pickleball as well. He is an avid skier, golfer, oil painter, and aspiring guitarist. He enjoys spending time in the Colorado mountains with his 2 sons and wife of 27 yrs, Jayme.


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