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Don Hindman

President & Chief Operating Officer

Johnson Storage & Moving Co., LLC

Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 1900

Industry: Logistics/Moving & Storage

** Hall of Fame **

“Whether it be through profit sharing, community outreach, employee recognition, or other opportunities, my firm belief is that good things come to those who do good things,” said Hindman, the president and chief operating officer for Johnson Storage & Moving Co.

“People are like dogs: When they meet, they come up and metaphorically sniff each other, check each other out and sense whether this is a dog they want to do business with. Leaders carry their karma around with them, and astute judges of character are able to discern the good from the bad. Be a positive and giving leader and good things will come your way.”

Hindman followed through on that message in the aftermath of the pandemic. He shared Paycheck Protection Program loan proceeds with employees by reinvesting in benefits, retirement accounts and compensation.

Under Hindman’s guidance, the company instituted a High Five program that recognizes employees that go above and beyond to please customers. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a culture of accountability, compassion and trust, he said.

The company donates more than $200,000 a year to nonprofits in the communities it serves. “We believe our corporate giving results in good company karma and that we are rewarded indirectly as a result of our good deeds,” Hindman said. “We strive to be the most generous employer to our employees, along with our charitable partners across the U.S.”

Johnson Storage and Moving recently adopted its Vision 2028 program, which outlines the company’s vision for where the business will be five years out. Vision 2028 calls for revenues of $150 million coupled with EBITDA in excess of 5% achieved through sustainable double-digit growth, Hindman said.

“We will perpetuate our serial entrepreneur culture, pivoting to take advantage of market opportunities that present themselves on a moment’s notice,” he said. “We will also drive our warehousing and logistics businesses to remain one of the fastest-growing moving and storage/logistics companies in the U.S.”

In the next five years Hindman also intends to transition the leadership of the company to the next generation of executives. “My legacy is one of entrepreneurship where people are recognized and rewarded for taking initiative and not waiting for direction on where to go next,” Hindman said. “Only through this type of creative, spontaneous and visionary leadership will my legacy survive. It’s in good hands with our team, and I look forward to watching their continued growth and success.”

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“My firm belief is that good things come to those who do good things.”


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