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Dan Pellegrino

Partner & Managing Director

Forbes Partners

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2004

Industry: Investment Banking

Above all other leadership styles and approaches, Dan Pellegrino believes in servant leadership.

“As a leader at Forbes Partners, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of servant leadership,” he said. “It’s a philosophy that resonates with me on a deep level because it places the needs of my team members at the forefront of everything I do.

“As leaders, we must be willing to make sacrifices and take risks for the betterment of our team and the company as a whole. It is our responsibility to ensure the success and growth of the organization, and this often requires personal investment and the willingness to bear the burden of decision-making.”

Pellegrino is partner and managing director at Forbes Partners, an award-winning, middle-market investment banking firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, raising capital and financial restructuring. Forbes has been regularly recognized as the M&A Firm of the Year.

Pellegrino joined Forbes Partners in 2016 as the company was entering a crucial period of growth and expansion. He was welcomed into the senior management leadership team as a managing director to develop strategies and business lines to take the company to the next level.

Prior to joining Forbes, Pellegrino spent nearly two decades with Deloitte Consulting, IQVIA and South Peak Capital, advising companies on strategic growth initiatives, mergers, acquisitions, valuation and transactional synergies. That background gives him a broad understanding of the business landscape and the ability to advise on a wide range of business challenges.

“His ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities has been a key factor in his success,” Pellegrino’s team said. “Dan quickly made an impact within Forbes Partners as a visionary and strategic thinker, which was key to the recent rise in success of the firm. His leadership and creative out-of-the-box thinking and ability to execute has left an indelible stamp on the company, his employees and his clients.”

Pellegrino also has a proven track record of success as an entrepreneur, having founded and eventually sold companies such as Bando.com, an e-commerce consumer goods manufacturer, and White Frog OS, a virtual white-label digital agency.

“Personally, my decision to leave a successful career in management consulting to start my own business was a calculated risk that could have had devastating financial consequences for my family,” Pellegrino said. “However, the rewards far outweighed the risks. This experience taught me valuable lessons in adaptability, emotional intelligence, decisiveness, and efficiency, which continue to shape my leadership style today and help define my vision for Forbes Partners.”

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A few fun facts about Dan Pellegrino are that he loves to travel and has lived in four different countries (US, Iceland, Jamaica, and France) and seven different states. Dan was a pole vaulter in college at Baylor and ran track with Michael Johnson, who was the fastest person in the world at one time. (Remind me of a good story about this)Dan is married, has three children ages 14, 11, and 9, and lives on a 35-acre ranch in Sedalia Colorado. Most of his free time is spent with his family, watching movies, skiing, fishing, planning the next adventure, or taking surf trips to Costa Rica.


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