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Brad Knepper

CEO & President

All Copy Products

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1975

Industry: Office Technology

“I believe that my biggest strength has been my willingness to continually take financial risks to invest in the growth of the company,” he said. “I have consistently made many of my biggest investments during economic downturns to demonstrate to employees, clients and potential clients my confidence in our ability to expand our business while times are tough. Many times our competitors are cutting back during these times, leaving their customers and employees vulnerable for us to take away. These investments also prepare All Copy and Verticomm for a quicker recovery when the economy improves.”

All Copy Products, where Knepper is CEO and co-owner, aims to help businesses overcome everyday workplace challenges by providing the latest in office technology. “Serving as our clients’ trusted, one-stop shop for all their office needs, we strive to continually evolve and anticipate their needs in order to help them find solutions to problems before they occur,” the company said. “For 45 years, our customer-centric business model has ensured that organizations across our footprint have received our award-winning support and service, which has enabled them to maximize their efficiency and focus more on their core business.”

Knepper is also president of Verticomm, a managed IT services business. He said one of his biggest accomplishments last year was leading his management team for Verticomm and All Copy Products back to pre-pandemic behaviors.

All Copy Products and Verticomm made investments in 2022 to fortify the backbones of the organizations. There were investments in software, training and support, even as many companies were cutting back on their budgets.

All Copy Products and Verticomm also created an internship program for multiple roles in the company that yielded several full-time employees on the current staff.

“We also have multiple children of existing staff working at ACP and Verticomm during the summer and throughout the year,” Knepper said. “We have created several project roles for college students working remotely. The project roles are not time sensitive and offer college students an opportunity to work on important ACP and Verticomm projects. The program is relatively new, so we have yet to have second-generation employees join the company full time, but we expect several to join over the next few years.”

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The Titan recognition provided significant credibility to me and All Copy/Verticomm. The group of peers is an impressive group that I am proud to be part of. My biggest disappointment around winning the award has been my lack of availability to participate as much as I would have liked to have done due to a crazy number of scheduling conflicts. I plan to attend the upcoming event at Sherman and Howard and meet the group in Keystone. My 2023 schedule will be easier than 2022, allowing me to be much more active in the Titan 100 community.


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