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Bill Graebel

Chairman and CEO

Graebel Companies, Inc.

Location: Aurora, CO

Founded: 1950

Industry: Global Relocation Management

** Hall of Fame **

Bill Graebel is chair and CEO of Graebel Companies, Inc., founded in 1950 in Aurora, Colorado.

Graebel Companies was recognized at the Private Company Governance Summit in Washington, D.C., for board excellence in corporate governance. “We submitted an application with the idea being to benchmark with the best private companies,” Graebel said. “Ultimately, we were selected as Company of the Year! The impact of receiving this recognition was that it validated our efforts and investments in environmental, social and governance; succession planning; new technologies; compliance; innovation; risk management; being an employer of choice; and in service delivery excellence.” The company’s corporate values are truth, love and integrity, and they form the basis for all decision-making.

“Truth, love and integrity serve to help guide our thoughts and behaviors, especially where and when there is no precedent or where a scenario has not been previously contemplated,” Graebel said. “When that occurs, we look to understand what are the truths of the situation, how can we solve it with love and compassion and then having the integrity and accountability to do what we said we would do, every time!”

In the coming years, the company seeks to expand its offerings in the B2B marketplace. The goal is to be a global digital relocation marketplace available to anyone, anywhere, much like Expedia, Travelocity or Tripadvisor in the travel space. Graebel’s personal goals in the next five years include spending more time with family and grandchildren while also having a greater positive influence on youth in the Denver community.

“The legacy I hope to leave is that I was a very forward thinking, innovative, globally minded leader in our industry and whose company benefited everyone who came in contact with it,” he said. “Additionally, that I stood for the timeless principles of truth, love and integrity, and those values were constantly on display in my actions and those of the organization. “In total, I hope that I serve as a source of inspiration for those who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities, companies and families. That if you work hard, try to understand the needs of others and put service before self, you will be admired, rewarded and fulfilled!”

Graebel’s advice to others in leadership roles is to be authentic, transparent, consistent and positive and to demonstrate a genuine concern for others.

“Be agile,” he said. “Trust and empower your teams. Take risks and be innovative. Be curious. Seek to continually expand your knowledge and conscientiousness. Cultivate relationships. Be trustworthy. Support well-being. Integrate diversity into everything you do. Focus on engagement and the employee experience. Seek to understand clearly, to care deeply and to grow purposefully. Leave things better than you found them. Have a purpose and be intentional. Be good to yourself.”

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“The legacy I hope to leave is that I was a very forward thinking, innovative, globally minded leader in our industry and whose company benefited everyone who came in contact with it.”


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