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William Blanton

Founder and Chairman of the Board
CINC Systems

Location: Duluth, Georgia
Founded: 2005
Industry: Community Association Management Software

Growing up in South Georgia, William Blanton saw first-hand the value of homeowners’ associations to financial institutions. His family was in the banking business, and he followed suit in his career, serving in various CFO and CEO positions of several community banks for more than 30 years.

Blanton also had a passion and a keen eye for the real estate industry. He was enamored with the fast-paced nature and its money-making opportunities, but he understood that the biggest value of a home was not necessarily the financial gain; it was the incredible lifestyle that a family could achieve when moving into their perfect home in a community-driven neighborhood.

Combining these two passions, CINC Systems was born, where Blanton serves as the founder and chairman of the board. Knowing that there was a need for software that would improve HOA living, and realizing the hot nature of the market, Blanton launched CINC Systems as the first all-in-one solution in the community management space.

CINC Systems is the largest provider of SaaS-based solutions in the community association management industry. The firm’s mission is to make living in a professionally managed community association a great experience and accomplishes this through a solution that empowers management companies to focus on building community. From integrated accounting to property management tools, CINC Systems delivers a solution that makes day-to-day tasks simple for community managers and seamless for homeowners.

“This is an underserved marketplace and CINC Systems can truly transform the experience of what it means to live in an HOA or a condominium,” said Blanton.

According to his staff, Blanton has the ability to identify needs within the market and use his technology, banking and real estate expertise to satisfy those market needs and create significant value for industry stakeholders. “Bill pushes himself and those around him to constantly improve and innovate,” his staff said. “He seeks to surround himself with talent that can both handle the organization as it is today plus support its growth.”

Training others to take your job so that you can move on to the next level is one of the greatest leadership lessons Blanton said he has learned. “Not only are you guiding someone else into their chosen career path, but you are also paving the way for you to grow as a leader,” he said. “The most important thing you can do in leadership is mentor others to be in the same role that you’ve achieved.”

While many entrepreneurs embark on their startup journey in their late 20s or early 30s, Mr. Blanton established his first startup at age 58.

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