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Travis Wyatt Wynes

President & Chief Executive Officer
Mobile Transportation Service

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2017
Industry: Transportation

Mobile Transportation Service was formed when President and CEO Travis Wyatt Wynes was working in a director-level position for a previous company.

Wynes’ role at the time was to help some of the nation’s top 200 fleets effectively reduce equipment and maintenance costs through asset management programs. The role took him to various cities to help these fleets.

What he realized through this experience was that the availability of good quality fleet maintenance vendors was few and far between and there was a lack of development for training techs for the future industry.

Wynes saw the opportunity to make fleet maintenance a quicker, more efficient operation and formed Mobile Transportation Service in 2017. In the past five years, the company has grown 500% under Wynes’ leadership.

Mobile Transportation Service is a fleet maintenance company that helps trucking fleets maintain their road equipment. From providing basic preventative maintenance schedules to heavy overhaul of equipment, the company helps customers lower maintenance costs through strategic planning and execution of maintenance and repair.

“Travis’s understanding of the customers’ needs is a result of over two decades of experience in the trucking industry,” said his colleagues. “He has an expertise that is unmatched and hard to duplicate due to his understanding of the jobs from the ground up.”

According to his staff, Wynes is not afraid to take chances to make things better, which usually yields a much more efficient approach. “He is very forward thinking and is always watching the trucking industry as a whole and contemplating on how MTS can play a bigger role in helping more customers,” they said.

Wynes said most customers who start using MTS never go back to using anyone else due to the great team the company has assembled. As a leader, he embraces the contributions of the team and gives his staff comfort, trust and credit. “Being a leader isn’t about knowing everything all the time. Recognize, give credit and promote individuals who have expert ideas,” said Wynes. “Give them the comfort and trust to do excellent work and be creative on their terms.”

According to Wynes, when providing a vision so that everyone can work toward a shared goal for a bigger purpose, a naturally creative environment will flourish. “That’s when teams become legendary and the world changes for the greater good of mankind,” he said. “This to me is the true definition of being a great leader.”

Since Travis was a young kid, he has had a passion and overall love for music. He began playing music when he was 12 years old as a guitar player and was self-taught several other instruments as well. In Travis's earlier years he recorded albums, played with bands, and had some radio play in the metro Atlanta area.

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