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Travis Earls

Chief Executive Officer
DEKA Technologies, Inc.

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology Managed Services

Travis A. Earls held various positions for a global computer products distributor through the 1990s and early 2000s with one role leading integration teams tasked with integrating newly acquired organizations. On Sept. 11, 2001, Earls was on a plane heading west when the World Trade Centers were attacked. It took him more than a week to return home, but during this time, Earls reflected on his values and what was important.

“Central to this was family,” Earls said. “With the support of my wife, we invested all of our family savings into launching DEKA.”

DEKA Technologies, Inc. is an IT managed services provider that provides hosted technology services to emerging enterprise companies. In addition, DEKA provides fractional and virtual CIO and CTO services with a mission to provide secure, reliable and impactful integrated technology solutions in alignment with the strategic and tactical objectives of its clients while delivering excellence in customer service.

According to his staff, Earls’ strong leadership as CEO and his ability to formulate clear strategies then execute on those strategic objectives are an invaluable asset to DEKA Technologies. “With more than 30 years in the technology industry, Travis has helped clients navigate various IT challenges and opportunities that could either accelerate or hinder their business strategies and growth,” they said. “From this unique vantage point, Travis has positioned DEKA to support customers in a myriad of industries and in various stages of business maturity.”

It’s his uncanny ability to see around the technology curve and know what emerging services and products will add value to a client is what sets Earls apart as a CEO, said his colleagues. “Travis has instilled a culture that makes sure the customer comes first,” they said. “This customer centric approach helps provide customers with world class enterprise level technology support and focus on their core business without having to worry about technology.”

Earls’ efforts have driven the expansion of DEKA’s services portfolio from offering Help Desk related services to on-site services and a full-suite of CLOUD services.

He leads with the motto that you have to do the things you have to do in order to do the things you want to do. “One of the most important lessons I have learned is that being a great leader is not about me,” said Earls. “It is about surrounding myself with subject matter experts, serving others, empowering my team and providing opportunities for others to be successful.”

Travis played college football and ran Track. In the early 1990's Travis ran for Nike Team South. In addition, for more than 20 years Travis coached High School Football and Track in Florida and Georgia.

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