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Sig Mosley

Managing Partner
Mosley Ventures

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2012
Industry: Venture Capital

According to Sig Mosley, every entrepreneur needs a strong support system if they are going to bring their vision to fruition. “While I didn’t start out as an investor, my beginnings were much more entrepreneurial,” said Mosley. “I’ve had the privilege to serve in that support capacity since 1990, and as an angel investor, I’ve invested in more than 140 companies.”

Mosley said successful startups are uniquely beneficial to founders, employees, investors and entire communities. “I want visionaries to learn how to pitch their products more effectively, and I want investors to more selectively choose those who are most likely to succeed in the years ahead,” he said.

As the Managing Partner of Mosley Ventures, he gets the chance to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Mosley Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in early-stage technology startups in Atlanta and the Southeast. The firm primarily invests in the following sectors: security software, mobility and wireless, big data and healthcare IT. The mission of the company is to enable founders to build their visions into successful companies.

“By practicing a high-touch discipline to develop the talent in entrepreneurs, our value creation begins prior to investing capital into the company,” said Mosley. “We analyze and validate market demand through collaborative efforts, weighing deeply on the founder’s domain expertise and vision.”

The collaboration efforts also extend into the vast network of the firm’s syndicate partners. “We have co invested with most of the leading venture funds in the country, empowering our commitments to portfolio companies beyond a seed or a round,” said Mosley. As a result, Mosley Ventures is a nationally regarded expert in transforming technologies into sustainable companies.

Mosley, personally, has been recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from TiE, has been inducted into the Georgia Technology Hall of Fame and has been the most prolific southeast investor in 145 startups and 105 liquidity events.

“We dedicate our purpose to the success of entrepreneurs through the art and heart of working with brilliant talent,” said Mosley. The brilliant talent also includes his team at the venture capital firm.

As a leader, he chooses to refer to his employees as associates with the idea that this term refers to a partner or colleague. “Our use of the word associate stems from our acknowledgement of the value of each individual and our recognition that it takes a team to deliver services to our customers,” said Mosley.

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