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Sanjay Sehgal

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
MSys Technologies LLC

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 2007
Industry: Information and Technology

When Sanjay Sehgal founded MSys Technologies in 2007, the company started with a commitment to deliver the best in IT services and automation software. Under his leadership as Chairman and CEO, the firm quickly built its reputation as the preferred innovation partner in storage, cloud computing, embedded systems, testing, and test automation technologies.

Growth has led the company to help over 100 clients build and modernize their products with more than 1,000 employees and offices in Atlanta, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Vietnam.

MSys Technologies is a reliable partner for product engineering services and digital transformation projects for its Enterprise and Silicon Valley clientele. The firm designs, develops and manages modern distributed systems and complex eco system integrations with open source, proprietary, cloud-native and containerized technology expertise and outcome-based pricing.

“We strive to move beyond the transactional business relationships to form a deeper sentimental bond with customers,” said Sehgal. “This enables MSys to deliver personalized customer experiences and reinforce their trust in MSys as a brand.”

Before founding MSys Technologies, Sehgal was an ex pat from the U.S. who had worked with several product companies in the area of Data Center Technologies and FinTech. He imbibed the product development culture from the U.S. and infused it into the principles of value that include customer intimacy and technical ingenuity to form MSys.

His entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at a young age when he would listen to his grandfather’s awe-inspiring stories of entrepreneurship in Peshawar. “It was a hair raising experience to transcend into his stories and relive with him in the period when he built his business and left everything behind post the partition between India and Pakistan,” said Sehgal. “These stories were full of human spirit, grit, awe-inspiring passion and sadness at times.”

Sehgal said his grandfather instilled a sense of positivity and entrepreneurial spirit that has helped him become a successful entrepreneur. He started his professional journey as a software engineer during the boom and created a name for himself as a technocrat in Atlanta technology circles. He has earned awards such as the 2021 American Business Award and was named a top Atlanta Entrepreneur.

“He faced success and failures but never gave up the spirit of endless human boundaries,” said his colleagues. “Being a serial entrepreneur, Sanjay has come to terms with the fact that risks are the genesis of any successful venture.”

For his perseverance, commitment and dedication to leading others with an ingrained entrepreneurial spirit, Sehgal has been named a Titan.

Sanjay Sehgal is a meditation instructor and a self-development enthusiast who has taught meditation techniques to thousands of people as a part of his self-development journey. Often, Sanjay is fondly referred to as The Monk who Drives a Ferrari (he states that he owns a Mercedes and not a Ferrari).

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