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Kabir Barday

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Location: Sandy Springs, Georgia
Founded: 2015
Industry: Technology

According to Kabir Barday, his goal as a leader is to provide his employees with career-defining opportunities in a do-good business.

“My greatest leadership lesson learned is the importance of promoting employee health and wellness,” he said. “The past two years have presented unimaginable challenges that OneTrust has faced head on. After reflection, we’ve formalized flex work forever, unlimited PTO, ClassPass memberships and a ton of other whole-employee benefits to truly be the best place to work.”

OneTrust’s mission is to build technology that helps organizations be more trusted which has led the firm to pioneer an entirely new category of software that makes trust a competitive advantage for organizations. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Barday is committed to helping organizations build trust, be more equitable, sustainable, ethical and respect privacy.

Barday’s initial interest in the trust technology market stemmed from his time as a Director of Product Management for a market leader in enterprise mobility management. In this role, Barday said he witnessed customers struggle with managing employee privacy and trust expectations, especially when employees used their personal phones at work. He took action to develop and implement technology platforms to address the problem.

“Equipped with a deep knowledge of enterprise privacy concerns, Kabir realized the macro trends in personal data, IoT, big data and privacy, specifically in relation to trust, as well as the lack of technology in the market,” said his colleagues. “Under Kabir’s leadership, more than 10,000 customers, including half of the Fortune Global 500, use OneTrust to make trust a competitive differentiator, implementing agile workflows across privacy, security, data, governance, GRC, third-party risk, ethics and compliance and ESG programs.”

Barday guides how he runs his business based on trust. “Gaining customer’s trust is not just in a businesses’ products and services, but in its core purpose and ethical design,” said Barday. This trust has resulted in five-year growth that has resulted in the company becoming the de facto technology for building trustworthy relationships between businesses and consumers.

Barday also finds that trust guides how he leads. “In the spirit of an open and equal environment, you’ll find Kabir sharing competitive intel, product roadmaps and new ways to win business in his weekly sales training sessions and monthly all-team meetings,” said his staff. “He can just as easily get a laugh from his staff as he can inspire them to work hard to build what has quickly become the global leader in space.”

Prior to starting OneTrust, Kabir had hoped to open up a pizza franchise.

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