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Jennifer Hopkins

SVP of Marketing
(former CMO of AVOXI)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2001
Industry: Communications Software

For Jennifer Hopkins, learning that success is rooted in how well you communicate has been the greatest leadership lesson she has learned in her career. “Yes, you need true skill and yes, you need grit, but if those two traits aren’t wrapped in a big bow of phenomenal communication skills, you won’t go anywhere,” Hopkins said.

This lesson has served her well throughout her career and now as the chief marketing officer of AVOXI, a communications software firm.

AVOXI delivers mission critical global communications and creates software solutions that gives teams more control and flexibility over their communication needs. The company has a mission to help businesses around the world communicate more efficiently. Built with enterprises in mind, AVOXI’s software-driven communications provides superior coverage across 170+ countries enabling companies to connect with customers anytime, anywhere.

Since joining AVOXI in 2020, she has worked to diversify the company’s digital footprint and better target the firm’s massive addressable market while also working closely with sales leadership to build out an entirely new outbound function to support hitting revenue targets. In addition, she has worked to expand the team from four to ten and successfully built out the outbound program.

“When starting, I envisioned what the marketing team could be and accomplish,” said Hopkins. “It’s been thrilling to see, in a relatively short time, how we’ve been able to make that dream come alive, and we’re only getting started.”

Under her leadership, AVOXI just closed 2021 with record-breaking numbers, including 45% growth to close out Q4.

With an extended background in B2B technology, Hopkins has worked with brands to accelerate growth quickly. She credits her success with being able to work across departments to execute on strategy and be honest with team members where changes need to be made. “It’s about thinking outside of the box and being brave enough to take calculated risks,” said Hopkins. “I think any leader who can inspire teams and bring all these factors together is a Titan in his or her own right.”

Being an influential leader is not something given, but rather something that must be worked for each and every day, said Hopkins. “I believe that at the core of any great leader is meaningful, intentional relationships and realizing that people don’t work for the company, they work for you,” she said. “Great leadership is about working alongside people vs. managing people.”

When I'm not working I like to put my marketing skillset to good use by helping out veteran owned businesses with their marketing strategies. These businesses are focused on putting veterans back to work following their military retirement. It makes me feel great knowing something I love doing can help make a positive impact for the community.

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