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Caryn Cook

Chief Executive Officer
Genesys Health

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2018
Industry: Insurance/Benefits Consulting

As a leader, Caryn Cook said she believes that somehow others of like-minded values find one another. “Those around me will not let me fail — they keep me honest and humble; they are smarter than me. I derive ultimate happiness out of watching them succeed,” said Cook. “I will always be an influential leader, purely because of the people around me, and I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people.”

She has found success by always being willing to ask and listen. “I have always been running, whether it was running a 400-meter track relay or making plans to run the world,” said Cook. “But being a lifelong athlete or finding myself in positions throughout my life and career have definitely shaped who I am and ultimately directed toward founding Genesys Health.”

Genesys Health is an HR and benefits consultancy that supports companies with top-tier solutions to attract and retain top talent. The company focuses on removing the barriers to people getting healthcare and offers tailored solutions to each and every client. Cook serves as the CEO and strives to foster a workplace that is aware of founding principles and an appreciation of good people.

“You will find at Genesys Health, a deep and genuine appreciation for one another — from our executive leadership team to our clients,” said Cook. “We share the same values, including a desire to serve and provide fairness and equity through our work.”

These values will guide Cook and the company as they embark on what she deems as a complete transformation versus a reformation over the next five years. “We must get the whole industry, the whole country, to think differently if we want to move the needle on systemic issues,” said Cook. “It’s a matter of reframing mindsets from healthcare to caring for people’s health.”

This is possible by creating a more effective and pleasant experience in healthcare by using technological advances, mining data, catching leakage in the benefits programs and identifying actionable trends, Cook said.

Ultimately, Cook said Genesys Health is in the business of bringing grace to a world where there isn’t enough. “My vision is cultivating an organization that compels an industry to find their way to helping others,” she said. “We are on a mission to disrupt the status quo and change the way the world experiences healthcare.”

I love to ride dirt bikes!

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