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Bill Goetz

President & Chief Executive Officer
DYMA Brands

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 1886
Industry: Food Manufacturing

In the world of Bill Goetz, the best way to be an influential leader is by helping others be successful and achieve their dreams.

Goetz, President and CEO, Diamond Crystal Brands (DYMA), an industry leader in food, beverage and portion control packaging solutions in food service, said he learned this invaluable lesson early in his career.

“The philosophy was that answers for any business questions were not found in the boardroom or at the corporate office, but were with your team members who were actually doing the work,” Goetz said. “I have carried that philosophy with me through the years making sure I regularly communicate and engage with team members at all levels collecting qualitative data before making final decisions.”

Starting his career as a management trainee for a Fortune 500 company, Goetz, filled with an entrepreneurial spirit, has grown through various roles for a wide range of companies. Over the course of his career, he has served as Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer before planting roots at Diamond Crystal Brands. Since August 2020, he has reorganized the company to focus on high growth and high profitability segments, enacted new processes for driving business like restructuring the sales organization, introducing SKU rationalization, holding quarterly sales training, growing innovation by using a stage gate process, developing and implementing a state of the art research and development facility and presenting a fresh company culture.

“By living and breathing a new culture, Diamond Crystal Brands has been able to enhance the food experience for customers and consumers by safely delivering great flavor and convenience,” Goetz said.

Goetz is known as a dynamic leader who builds cultures and empowers associates to deliver superior results. He attracts, retains, and develops world-class talent and helps develop that talent by creating a unifying vision and driving employees to achieve their goals. He added that his door is always open to his team.

While Diamond Crystal Brands products are vital, he said, the company would not be what it is without its people. Goetz holds monthly small group lunches at the Atlanta Innovation and Support Center, weekly lunches within the plants, as well as quarterly town hall meetings with the individual manufacturing facilities, sales teams and main office.

Goetz said he is most proud of the company’s collaboration with Disney.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to grow Diamond Crystal Brands, foster healthier eating habits in young children and is the first partnership of its kind for Disney,” he said. “We are confident we have many more milestones to achieve and can’t wait to see what we do next.”

Bill is a member of the National Trustee Board for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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