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Sara Hafer Hagemeyer 2022

Sara Hafer Hagemeyer



Location: St. Charles, MO

Founded: 2011

Industry: Construction

Moving forward involves not only staying up to date with new practices, products and technology. Sara Hafer Hagemeyer stays true to this practice while also reinvesting in her business with both time and money. “I plan on reinvesting into our team and will model behavior that encourages trust and respect in the workplace,” said Hagemeyer, the president of CCIMW, a painting and coating contracting company.

Hafer Hagemeyer is no stranger to putting in the time and money into business. After rebooting the family painting and coating business in 2011 as the new CCIMW, she decided to pursue her second love in the cellular forensics arena and launched Etech Solutions, LLC. In 2019, Hagemeyer saw the family business struggling and in need of a leader. In response, she sold Etech Solutions and went all-in on rejuvenating CCIMW, where she is now the sole owner.

“She has completely turned the once-struggling business around, rendering it a revived powerhouse in the painting and coatings arena in the Midwest,” said her staff. This involved rebuilding relationships with general contractors, investing her own money to purchase new equipment for the field and introducing cutting-edge technology.

The revival of the company with Hagemeyer at the helm also focused on continued expansion into new regions and building her staff to include the best and the brightest. “The team I have chosen was chosen for a reason,” she said. “Each team member brings unique perspectives and ideas and I believe a leader realizes these ideas, brings them to fruition and determines if they are a path forward.”

Listening is the greatest leadership lesson Hagemeyer said she has learned. “Listening to my team encompasses the knowledge that I may not always be the smartest person in the room and the humility to admit that,” she said.

Working alongside her team, Hagemeyer has doubled the size of the company, hired a project superintendent to manage all projects and union labor and has increased sales by 40 percent.

“Sara is most proud of the fact that she has created a successful business that fosters a work environment that provides employees with a place of employment that is supporting, stimulating, challenging and fun,” said her staff. “She truly cares about her employees, and they are her motivation to continue to strive to be the best she can be.”

For her continued success as a leader in the industry, Hagemeyer has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Sara absolutely loves dogs and she has taught her wire-haired fox terrier to howl “love you” on command.


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