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Robert Steward 2022

Robert Steward

President and CEO

End2End Solution

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2017

Industry: Technology and Consulting

Robert Steward’s mantra is simple but powerful: Success is on the other side of fear.

“Trust requires courage, courage controls fear, and fear must be taken out of the mix to find success,” said Steward, CEO of End2End Solution, an industry-leading IT and program management firm that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to iconic global brands and government agencies.

Leading with a first-hand sense of understanding, Steward explained that his journey started when 30 teams were working in the Northeast to support a significant infrastructure implementation and that, when they hit 100 installations per week, things became complicated to organize and accuracy was not up to par.

“Chaos,” Steward said. “We needed to have the ability to have visibility and collaboration in real-time.”

Realizing that the company would only benefit beyond project management tools, they created End2End Solution, an integrated software solution that streamlines communication, collaboration and execution with fingertip visibility in supply chain management.

Helping others is a part of his character, and he knew that End2End would help grow success for other small businesses.

“Candidly, I know how tough it can be for a small business owner to land deals with large corporations. Small businesses have perceived restraints that come with the territory with built-in limitations on cash and staff, the potential for scalability feeling out of reach,” Steward said. “Plus, there’s a third restraint due to an unfair generalization: quality.”

Eager to disprove that “small means unscalability,” he became committed to leveling the playing field in the technology industry.

Today, he is the host of the top-ranked technology podcast, “Hacked: Unlocking the Code to Success.”

One of his proudest achievements is creating the Steward Family Foundation to focus on developing the next generation of leaders. He serves as its director, overseeing national and global training programs with a focus on STEM skills.

Steward’s work has led to numerous recognitions and awards. Most recently, he was honored for his leadership by Verizon, who presented him with the EDGE Mentoring Award for Small Business.

Known for his curiosity and creative ideas, Steward has always challenged others to look beyond what meets the eye to deliver the best solutions.

“Every personal and professional breakthrough I’ve experienced has been on the other side of fear. It can be tough, but it is how I lead,” he said.

A Six Sigma Black Belt, graduate of the MBE program at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, musician and global philanthropist, Steward lives his life grounded on core values and biblical principles.

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Did you know?

Robert is known for his curiosity and creative ideas that always challenged others to look beyond what meets the eye to deliver the best in solutions.


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