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Rob Unnerstall Jr. 2022

Rob Unnerstall Jr.

President & CEO

National Cart Co.

Location: St. Charles, MO

Founded: 1979

Industry: Manufacturing

When Rob Unnerstall Jr. was 14, he became the first employee of his father’s business, steam cleaning shopping carts while his father welded and repaired the carts. With humble beginnings as a shopping cart service company, the firm has grown into a major manufacturer, designer and distribution resource for grocery, retail, distributors and light industrial warehouses.

Now serving as the president and CEO of National Cart Co., Unnerstall gives a lot of credit to his father. However, his staff will tell you that he took the business to an international business that is successful around the globe. “Rob always strives to learn and ask questions,” said his staff. “Rob is also bringing in family members to succeed him and hopefully provide a third-family generation the possibility of carrying on his legacy.”

National Cart is a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of material handling products, food service products and store fixtures. Originated in 1979, the company has stayed with a customer centric strategy for 42 years to serve companies such as Schnucks, Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, Target and more.

What Unnerstall is most proud of is the company’s track record. “We have achieved sales growth every year but two since I became president in 1995,” he said. The company’s corporate office is still in St. Charles, MO, with facilities in Nevada and Pennsylvania.

“Combined, we have over 460,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space — plenty of room to keep up as our clients’ needs grow,” said Unnerstall. “Our vision is about being nimble, speed to market and collaborate with our customers to innovate material handling solutions.”

The success of the company is attributed to his staff ’s ability to listen to clients, get the voice of the customer and then engineer a cart or device that solves their handling needs, Unnerstall said.

“I am very proud of the people and the leadership team that has been built over the years,” Unnerstall said. “I hope the next generation can develop and can be blessed with the quality of people who report to me.”

For his innovative sense of entrepreneurship and willingness to uphold a legacy of excellence, Unnerstall has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Rob enjoy’s include flying, boat racing, and being with family and friends.


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