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Pat Coleman 2022

Pat Coleman

President & CEO

Behavioral Health Response

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1994

Industry: Behavioral Health Care

As a former entrepreneur, Pat Coleman understands the critical elements necessary to build a viable business. While working as a consultant for Behavioral Health Response, senior management immediately recognized her value to the organization. In time, she was asked to join BHR as a fellow leader. She quickly rose through the ranks to her current role as president and CEO.

Behavioral Health Response (BHR) is a nonprofit organization in the health and mental health industry sector, providing free 24-hour confidential telephone counseling and mobile outreach services to people in mental health crises.

One of Coleman’s exemplary leadership traits is her humble servant leadership, said her staff. “She recognizes the success of the organization is in large part due to the talent and commitment of the team who comes to work each day delivering high-quality work in their respective roles,” they said. “She eagerly seeks out ways to recognize all employees and thank them for the organization’s success.”

Coleman also brings discipline and drive to her job each day, while pulling from her strong business mindset in the areas of problem solving, strategy, critical thinking, relationship building and communications, said her staff. “She adeptly combines these leadership skills with self-awareness, empathy, respect, integrity, kindness, approachability and empowerment.”

According to Coleman, one of the best lessons she has learned is not to be afraid. “Everyone has gifts, talents and passions,” she said. “It’s important to follow your heart for success and motivation. In doing so, I learned to embrace my fears, become resilient and go after my goals.”

By embracing fear, Coleman said she has become a confident, thoughtful, trusted leader. Under her leadership, the organization is poised for solid long-term growth and the company has hired more talented staff. During her 24 years in leadership roles at BHR, Coleman has a proven track record of success. According to her staff, Coleman’s priorities include ensuring all individuals in Missouri and beyond have barrier-free access to mental health care.

Under her leadership, Coleman has grown the staff from 75 to 194 and has led the organization to maintain 4 percent growth each year.

“I’m a lifelong learner who embraces a growth mindset,” said Coleman.

For exemplifying leadership, authenticity, humbleness and empathy as a problem solver, Coleman has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Pat adores being a grandmother of six and loves when her grandchildren and their friends call her “Granny.”


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