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Orvin T. Kimbrough 2022

Orvin T. Kimbrough

Chairman and CEO

Midwest BankCentre

Location: Chesterfield, MO

Founded: 1906

Industry: Financial Services

Orvin T. Kimbrough describes himself as an accidental banker. After working for 20 years in the nonprofit sector, most recently as the CEO of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, he is now the chairman and CEO of Midwest BankCentre, St. Louis’ second largest privately held bank.

“I have always looked at my career as a calling — I have never simply had a job,” he said. “In an odd kind of way, my journey ties together nicely. I’ll continue to strive to amplify my impact by helping others achieve their dreams.”

Midwest BankCentre has been a mainstay in St. Louis since 1906 with a mission to empower people, enable business and energize neighborhoods through the strength of financial services, mortgage lending, financial planning and investments. Since joining the organization in 2019, Kimbrough has been at the helm as the institution produced record-breaking revenues in 2021.

He has also helped to reinforce the purpose of the company. “We are a values-based organization that believes that every person, every business and every community deserves the right to dream big,” said Kimbrough. “That begins with access to capital.”

Over the next five years, his hope is that the bank will continue to double down on a digital first, customer centric and values-based approach. “We will continue to focus on Main Street businesses, working men and women and those with a heart to serve them, as well as multicultural markets,” said Kimbrough.

According to his staff, Kimbrough has been leading the team through public, private and non-profit partnerships. “Through his work, he is creating pathways to prosperity and giving the most people a shot at winning,” they said. “He is showing the industry that you can serve marginalized populations profitably.”

His staff also credits his firm belief that focusing on other people is the best way to nurture and uplift all. “He personifies the aspiration to rise above the circumstances into which one is born and become an inspirational role model to many,” they said.

Kimbrough has demonstrated his commitment to growth, diversity and equality in both the private and non-profit sectors. It stems from a willingness to model the servant leadership approach. “I believe that servant leadership is about seeing in people what they don’t necessarily see in themselves and positioning them in a way that allows their gifts to be nurtured and flourish,” said Kimbrough.

For his ability to lead as a servant to others, Kimbrough has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Orvin received a 15 on his ACT and was put on academic probation after his first year in college…but look at him now!


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