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Lynn Richter 2022

Lynn Richter

Managing Director

KW Commercial

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Lynn Richter knows commercial real estate.

Richter, managing director, KW Commercial, is known to be an industry guru, of sorts. Knowing every single segment from office to hotels, from land to retail, her unique experience allows her to lead with dedication and tenacity.

With a career spanning almost 50 years, Richter is humble about her success. While some may say over $1 billion in commercial production is something to talk about, Richter would just as soon talk about the business she moved out of the owner’s residential basement into a sublet space.

“Every property and person is equally important,” according to Richter.

It is safe to say that the value of her leadership is priceless.

In an industry which is primarily male, KW Commercial is leading the forefront for women and with Richter at the helm, barriers will continue to be broken through and ongoing relationships will flourish.

“I talk to a lot of new business owners who are in a hurry to own their own building, to lease a huge space. Once we sit down and they are educated as to what that all entails, they sit back, we come up with a multi-year plan, which eventually gets them into space or building ownership,” Richter said. “I’d rather someone take their time and never come back to me, than be sorry they rushed into something. Often several years later I receive a call, ‘remember me?’”

Also defined by her keen work ethic, Richter is known as someone who will take the time, and help a new business owner not get in over their heads. She will assist, spend time with and advise them of a path to take. It is then, Richter said, that they are ready.

KW Commercial has been on an upward growth trajectory since it started in 2008. Its goal is to continue to be a strong leader in the commercial real estate industry by breaking barriers.

The firm, with a presence all across the United States, and has a growing worldwide vision and serves as a single source of expertise, thus being a true full service entity for all of their clients’ real estate needs, both residential and commercial. It is from this platform that Richter will continue to cultivate her talents as an industry leader.

Richter, always willing to share her knowledge and experience, said to “never assume.”

“My father used to say this, but it is fact. When mentoring, when working with people, never assume that they have the same understanding of something that you do,” she said. “There are always more than one way to understand something, often one way is not right or wrong.”

She added that she has mentored and serves as a resource to new agents in the firm.

“It is also important for even seasoned agents such as myself to have sounding boards, people they can brainstorm with, discuss challenges and establish solutions,” Richter said. “That is where I can help.” She added, “It is in a sense my way of leaving a legacy.”

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Did you know?

Lynn’s happy place is painting on her deck, with her dog, watching an old film noir on a TV she dragged outside. To date, she has completed 80+ paintings.


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