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Linda Weaver 2022

Linda Weaver


Weaver Steel Construction, LLC

Location: St. Charles, MO

Founded: 1999

Industry: Construction

Safety is key to becoming and remaining an industry leader in construction, according to Linda Weaver, president of Weaver Steel Construction LLC. That’s why the company is dedicated to making safety the first and top priority. Weaver, though, also believes that having her personnel play a critical role in each project is the best way to lead.

“The most important leadership lesson I have learned is to carefully pay attention and listen to my team and those around me,” she said. “Each team member has a unique set of gifts that are specific to their role and ultimate effect on the company. They can maximize their impact on the company by being allowed the freedom to reach their full potential in their given role.”

Weaver Steel’s primary industry focus includes structural, miscellaneous steel erection, machinery relocation, power plant erection and maintenance, ornamental iron and architectural wall panels. “Weaver Steel takes pride in its ability to erect structural steel and precast projects in a timely, professional and safe manner,” said Weaver.

Weaver has had an entrepreneurial interest in real estate development and construction from a very early age. She purchased her first piece of real estate at 15 and learned more about the process was when her dad drove her to the title company to sign the documents. While attending college, she worked for McDonnel Douglas which further sparked her passion for researching properties to buy, renovate, hold or sell, resulting in successfully completing 10 real estate flips with her husband, Mark Weaver.

In 1999, Weaver launched Weaver Steel Construction and a real estate investment company. “The steel industry sparked her interest as she watched her husband and his family work as ironworkers on many construction projects throughout the years,” said her staff. “Her MBA and his field experience were the perfect foundation for a strong successful company.”

She leads by always paying attention to others’ perspectives and suggestions. “Linda has built a distinguished reputation in her industry, especially in St. Louis as a woman-owned company,” said her staff. “She has a strong work ethic and maintains a solid connection to the network within the company, always fully aware of increasing responsibilities.”

Her responsibilities are also focused on giving back to the community by supporting Missions abroad. Weaver Steel has participated in reaching over 20 countries and nearly 50 Latin American Childcare Missions trips constructing schools and churches.

For her commitment to safety, leadership and community involvement, Weaver has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Linda was always looking for a job and at 12 years old bought her first lot to rent out.


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