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Justin T Blattel

Executive Director

Twin Oaks Senior Living

Location: Wentzville, MO

Founded: 2010

Industry: Senior Living

Justin T. Blattel has always had a love for helping others. While training as an administrator in an assisted living facility a month after college graduation, he noticed a hospice resident at lunch who had bed head after a nap. Blattel stopped what he was doing, took her aside, fixed her hair and took her back to her table. “Jane wouldn’t have wanted to be seen with her hair flat like that,” he said. “I just wanted to help her.”

Now, as the executive director of Twin Oaks Senior Living, Blattel believes that you should never ask someone to do a job or task that you would not be willing to do as well. He has learned that strong leadership involves asking employees how things are and what they need help with instead of leading with what to do.

“A strong leadership lesson I have learned is to always be approachable and visible,” said Blattel. “Teamwork as a phrase means little when you aren’t actively part of that team.”

This approach works well for him while leading a senior community that offers assisted and independent living with a mission to provide seniors with the highest quality of care. As the grandson of the founder who started the company 40 years ago, Blattel knows that home is where you are loved, cared for, share friendships, have fun and maintain independence.

Blattel grew up in the family business and was actively working by age 10, shoveling snow, helping with maintenance and anything he was called upon to help. Upon graduating from Missouri State University, he was key in opening the independent apartments in 2011 and Garden Villa’s from 2010-2020.

According to his staff, he brings new ideas, technology experience and a love and compassion for seniors that can’t be taught. “Justin’s personality is naturally optimistic, joyful and empathetic,” they said.

“He has the perfect balance of getting the facts and then moving forward confidently and purposefully to solve small and large problems.”

Senior Living is an industry that is constantly growing and along with this growth, seniors’ needs, and preferences have changed, said Blattel. “Our success has always come from creating a family-like atmosphere for both residents and staff,” he said. “I plan to continue growing our community and adapting our model to meet the ever-changing needs of our seniors while always maintaining a caring family feel for all who join.”

For his commitment to others and active leadership approach, Blattel has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Justin loves to play sports. Give him a ball and he is a happy guy (win or lose…just let him play).


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