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Judy Sindecuse 2022

Judy Sindecuse


Capital Innovators

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2011

Industry: Venture Capital

Judy Sindecuse once heard the phrase: “I don’t have to be in control, but I have to know that it is under control.” This phrase stuck with her and is something she regularly uses as a litmus test of her team’s communication as the CEO of Capital Innovators. “Throughout the years, I have learned that while a highly talented team is excellent, it is not worth much unless clear and consistent communication occurs,” said Sindecuse.

Focusing on strong communication is what has led to the success of Capital Innovators. The company is a nationally-ranked, Midwest-based, early stage venture capital firm that offers a pragmatic approach to growth through immersive partnerships and accelerator programs for entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

As a natural-born entrepreneur, Sindecuse served as the founder and CEO of Bride and Groom Magazine and worked for an international print brokerage company and real-estate based company. Using her strengths in emerging and niche market identification, as well as early-stage business leadership, she shifted her expertise to cutting-edge technology identification and investment. Since its inception, Capital Innovators has helped scale 160 companies nationally, helping them raise over $400 million in follow-on investment, creating more than 2,000 jobs for portfolio companies and corporate clients.

“Judy has consistently been world-class and a first mover,” said her staff. “The Capital Innovators Accelerator was one of the first in the country and has been ranked in the top 10% of accelerators nationally every year rankings have occurred.”

Sindecuse has also been recognized with the Spirit of St Louis Award and named one of the Most Influential Business Women. She regularly speaks at conferences on the best practices employed by Capital Innovators, the current state of the venture capital industry and future trends she expects to see in venture capital and technology.

What makes Sindecuse stand out as a Titan, according to her staff, is her ability to communicate and motivate. “I have always had a gift for motivating team members to achieve the desired goal,” said Sindecuse. “And when that is matched with clear communication from everyone involved, I feel we are unstoppable as a team.”

Being an unstoppable force as an entrepreneur is nothing new for Sindecuse. “I work in an industry that I am incredibly passionate about,” she said. “I started my first business in my early twenties and have been leaning into entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem ever since. I started as a founder and now I mentor and invest in founders.”

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Did you know?

Judy recently competed at the American Poolplayers Association World Pool Championships in Las Vegas.


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