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John Meilink


1905 New Media

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1905

Industry: Marketing

As a fourth-generation owner of a family business, John Meilink has always put an incredible amount of pressure on himself to preserve the legacy and success of 1905 New Media, where he currently serves as president. While at first, this pressure translated into him taking on way too many projects by himself, he quickly learned to lean on the strength of his team.

“Over time, I learned the best possible thing I could do was surround myself with a smart, talented team who I could delegate important work to,” said Meilink. “My team is my greatest investment.”

Founded as The Banner News, 1905 New Media is a marketing and communications firm that helps aspirational business leaders create and broadcast a refined message to grow their community of passionate supporters. The firm’s specialties include branding, digital marketing, custom website and app development, public relations and commercial printing.

Meilink’s entrepreneurial story is also the story of the Thomson family business. The company began in 1905 when Ronald Thomson acquired St. Charles County’s local daily newspaper. In 1972, the family sold the newspaper and expanded its commercial printing division. As the fourth-generation owner, Meilink joined the family business in 2011 and expanded its non-print operations to include a digital marketing division.

“John is a Titan for successfully navigating four multi-million-dollar acquisitions in the span of six years, and for partnering with the right people along the way to make each transaction possible,” said his staff. “But most importantly, John is a Titan for leading with heart and compassion the entire way and for putting his clients and employees at the center of every milestone; leveraging the power of teamwork to build something bigger with respect for the legacy of the past.”

In addition to recognition for expanding the company’s portfolio of offerings, his staff also credits Meilink for not only surviving the challenges of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but by continuing to grow and thrive. “During this tumultuous time that saw many similar-sized agencies close their doors, 1905 New Media was able to retain its entire staff without implementing layoffs or wage reductions,” said his staff.

It was Meilink’s leadership and willingness to work overtime to ensure no one’s livelihood would be at-risk during what proved to be an incredibly difficult year on a global scale. For his keen business sense, respect to his company’s legacy and support for his staff, Meilink has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

John is an avid runner (2x daily, every day!) and has run a marathon in all 50 of the United States.


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