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Jim Maher

CEO and Founder


Location: Swansea, IL

Founded: 2013

Industry: Financial Services

Jim Maher solves problems in order to help others.

Maher, CEO and founder, Archford, a leader in the financial industry specializing in services including wealth management, retirement planning and philanthropy, said his personal mantra is, “Help others.”

“This is the core value that my company, Archford, was built upon and is additionally a core value that is lived out with my own family, as it is a legacy we want to leave behind,” Maher said.

Growing up in a family business, Maher said that he has always been interested and invested in all the professional service providers that serve business owners. This passion, he said, led to a 25-year span of his career studying, completing licensing and practicing in various areas of professional services. Maher added that his unique experience led to the foundation that enables Archford.

“My team and I are always working to evolve Archford’s service line to meet the diverse needs of clients and to fill gaps in the financial services industry,” Maher said. “I’ve been blessed throughout my life with the gifts of being a problem solver and an avid learner and have used these gifts to help others.”

Maher said Archford will expand over the next five years with the “unique insight and investment into client data and development of intuitive analytics to assist clients in making and understanding decisions to best position their family for the future.”

Maher said Archford is focusing on assuring the success of Legacy planning.

“So much money is invested by those preparing for their end of life, rarely are the family members truly set up in a manner to assure the maximization of the value of all that prior work,” Maher said. “We educate, guide, and inform people through financial decisions that are important to them.”

Recognized as Top Producer for a National Broker Dealer, Managing Partner at a Big Four Wire House, New Comer of the Year at Wire House, Manager of the Year, Team of the Year, Maher also received the Luminary Award for the Industry in 2021. Archford, named the No. 2 most philanthropic firm in St. Louis as a percentage of revenue by the St. Louis Business Journal, has also been named by Financial Advisor Magazine as the 18th fastest growing RIA in the country; named to the INC 5000 list in 2018; one of St. Louis’ 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2021; and Best Places to Work IL Business Journal 2021. Amid many additional accolades, Maher is most proud of the St. Louis Business Journal 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in St. Louis.

“This demonstrates the future opportunity for our team members and reflects the importance of the work we are doing to grow and improve our com pany,” Maher said. “It also shows the community’s recognition of the team’s quality of work.”

As a true titan does, Maher shared one of the greatest leadership lessons he has learned: A leader in all aspects of life must understand the self interest of the audience to which they are speaking to truly connect with both the organization as a whole and its members individually.

“This lesson has given me a better understanding of human nature, enabling me to provide a tremendously greater impact in all of my initiatives with my Archford team members, clients, and community,” Maher said. “This is where the greatest strides will be made for the cause.

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Did you know?

Jim was a living donor with a portion of his liver for one of his sons in 1997.


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