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Jillian Butler


RedKey Realty Leaders

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2012

Industry: Real Estate

At RedKey Realty Leaders, real estate is not about property, it is about people. This is the philosophy CEO Jillian Butler has always adopted while rising the ranks of larger real estate firms before founding RedKey Realty Leaders in 2012.

It’s a philosophy she fosters with her team, too.

After seeing firsthand that agents were often lacking the resources they needed to thrive professionally, Butler created a place where agents could grow and continue their education in a culture designed for success for the brokerage, agent and client. “When you start something new, you don’t have to have the entire journey mapped out,” said Butler. “Sometimes, you have a vision and just take the next right action.”

RedKey Realty Leaders is a residential real estate agency dedicated to helping clients find homes and developing agents through professional growth. Founded on the three guiding principles of love, service and fun, RedKey has built an environment that fosters connection among the agents and allows them to thrive.

The success has been evident in the cohesion of Butler’s team and her recognition as a Top 25 Real Estate Firm and five consecutive years as a Top St. Louis Workplace. At a time when many businesses have significantly reduced their growth efforts due to uncertainty from recent events, Butler pushed forward, opening a new training and media facility in 2020 to offer classes, support and opportunities for current and aspiring agents.

he robust culture Butler has created leaves agents excited to come to work and grow professionally while helping clients find their dream homes. “Knowing that her team is thriving in a workplace built on love, service and fun validates her initial inspiration for starting RedKey,” her staff said.

Her efforts lead to recognition as the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by the State of Missouri Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors. It also resulted in 300% of growth in the first year the company launched.

Finding connections with her team, clients and innovators in the field is essential to success, said Butler. “I believe it is essential to connect with others, learn from them and then innovate,” she said. “My leadership goal is always to help others grow and become the best versions of themselves. When I do that, I am finding fulfillment and fun while becoming the best version of myself.”

For her forward-moving thinking and commitment to employee education, Butler has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Jill draws inspiration from an unlikely source, the honey badger.


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