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Jennah Purk, CPA/MST

President and CEO

Purk & Associates, P.C.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2009

Industry: Accounting and Wealth Management

Jennah Purk, CPA/MST, has a passion for people and believes that the foundation of any business is the quality of the people around you. This passion serves her well as the CEO and president of Purk & Associates, P.C.

“I long ago became aware that to love large and forgive is my superpower and when leading humans, my single greatest stewardship is of the human heart,” said Purk. “To ensure my success, my team and clients must be successful. This requires humility and forgiveness, which is both a mandate and a privilege.”

Purk & Associates, P.C., is a full-service CPA firm providing service to entrepreneurs in every industry. The firm’s mission is to achieve more with a focus on both the team and clients. “We measure our success by their success,” said Purk.

Purk launched her career as a staff accountant with Mueller, Prost, Purk & Willbrand where her ambition and work ethic helped her grow through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of partner.

Ultimately, she co-founded Purk & Associates, P.C. in 2009, which is now a nationally-recognized, award-winning accounting and management consulting firm where the focus is working with closely held businesses and business owners on matters of taxation, accounting, operations, mergers and acquisition, access to capital, succession strategies and IRS representation.

In order to remain influential in the field, Purk said you have to work hard, listen well, move forward, take risks, love others and seek God’s will in all decisions. “It is easy for me to fall into patterns of ‘my way, my time’ but this tendency has set me back more than once,” said Purk. “While I continue to make decisions quickly, I look to my faith to determine if I am at peace and that these choices are sound. To me, this is the true measure of wisdom.”

his wisdom has led Purk to acquire additional accounting firms while also forming Tribe, LLC, which is comprised of six salons and day spas. Tribe, LLC is a woman-owned and run business with an entire executive team made up of strong women, she said.

Purk’s efforts to continuously expand are credited to her motivation and strength as an entrepreneur. “She has proven herself time and time again by climbing through the ranks of a competitive accounting firm, as well as creating one from scratch,” said her staff. “Jennah does not accept the word ‘can’t,’ whether it is in her personal life or professional life. She finds a way to make sure the job is done.”

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Did you know?

Jennah loves the color orange; she drives orange cars, has orange hair, and cheers for Auburn University.


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