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Jamie Briesemeister

CEO & Co-Founder

Integration Controls

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2004

Industry: Home Automation / Technology

Jamie Briesemeister didn’t come this far, just to come this far.

Briesemeister, CEO and co-founder, Integration Controls, said she heard this motto when she needed to find the fuel and passion to keep going.

“In 2004, I was in another professional career, and I had been working in a non-profit. I was burnt-out,” she said. “My husband asked me if I wanted to start a company with him, and the idea of starting something great with my best friend was too good to pass up.”

Today, Integration controls is an industry leader in the custom integration channel. The industry is presided over by the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA).

“We are often called ‘AV guys,’ ‘low-voltage contractors’ or ‘integrators,’” Briesemeister said.

“We simplify and enrich the lives of our clients through curated technologies, connected by design. As technology changes, we continue to offer entertainment, ambiance, comfort and peace of mind through products, solutions, and services that make technology simple and beautiful.”

Briesemeister said she had to immerse herself in projects as an installer and programmer for the first four years, moving into the role of sales and marketing director in 2008. Continuing to work through nearly every position in Integration Controls, she became CEO in 2018. Since then, she said, the company has doubled in size.

“I found my true passion is in positive change, and the best seat on the bus to accomplish this would be as CEO of Integration Controls,” she said. “While I had influenced the growth of our company all along, I had never had the authority to manage top-level business decisions.”

And her business decisions have served the company well. Under her leadership, Integration Solutions has increased revenues by 50%; fully adopted originally half-used software (and new software); maximized efficiency throughout the company, and adopted EOS and weekly L10 meetings for all departments. Briesemeister said the future of the company is vast.

“The industry we are in is merging with the electrical and information technology (IT) industry in ways we did not see when analog was king,” she said. “Now that digital is dominating, we are seeing big manufacturers (Lutron, USAi, WAC, American Lighting, and others) look outside of the traditional high-voltage electrical industry at ours — as low-voltage, data-types/ integrators — to specify, procure, install, configure and support these systems long-term.”

As a woman in technology, Briesemeister said she is a bit of a minority, but that did not stop her leadership growth.

“Since my appointment on the Executive Committee is the first of CEDIA’s kind, it causes me to stand out. I’m here to encourage others to stand out with me.”

And for Breismeister, encouraging others to succeed comes naturally.

“I’m most proud of the inspiration I have offered others, most of which I didn’t even realize was happening when it was happening,” Briesemeister said.

She added that the more open-minded she is, the easier it is to capture what her team wants and needs.

“I want to continue to provide a better solution to workplace challenges,” Briesemeister said. “Leadership involves forever-learning, evolution, and at times — revolution.”

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Did you know?

Jamie despises and will not touch – if at all possible – cotton balls.


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