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James H. Canada

Managing Partner and CEO

Alliance Corporate

Location: Chesterfield, MO

Founded: 2009

Industry: Technologies / Consulting

James H. Canada gets straight to the point: If you are not moving ahead you are falling behind.

Canada, managing partner and CEO, Alliance Corporate, a three-divisional integrated solutions company, believes in a culture of empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit.

“We offer best-in-class, tightly integrated solutions with efficient execution while keeping a keen eye on customer service. Our outlook is inspired and our passion is to serve a broader and diverse client base,” Canada said. “Leadership is one of the keys to our success, and I believe a leader attracts a following when his or her actions show evidence of tact, patience, fairness, firmness and generosity.”

Prior to starting Alliance, Canada worked most of his career in the corporate world for companies including John Deere, American Airlines, AMR Consulting Services and Reuters.

This world traveler eventually had three decades of experience and found he had the burning desire to be an entrepreneur. He wanted to give back to those in need and establish his own destiny, to create a business that helps others, creates value for what he could offer, and get rewarded for his hard work. He spent time researching viable industries and determined that technology services would always be in demand. Canada launched his dream in 2009.

Canada said Alliance is growing dramatically. During a very difficult 2020, revenue grew by 46%. The company’s systems and advisors divisions saw a 26% growth in 2021 just through April. The company now has 750 clients with a retention rate of 99.8%.

“Overall 2021 should see a total of 55% growth for the company with revenue well in excess of $3 million. Growth plans include opening another office this time in the Kansas City area. In the coming years, the firm has plans to expand nationally,” Canada said. “In addition to KC the firm has targeted offices in Chicago, Indianapolis and Nashville.”

Canada’s leadership foundation is based on paying it forward to others without expecting something in return and giving back to the community in which you live.

Alliance and Canada have won many awards on both a corporate and personal level. In addition to building Alliance from scratch into a $3 million+ company, Canada is most proud of Alliance receiving recognition as one of the largest corporate philanthropists in the St. Louis metro area by the St. Louis Business Journal.

The Alliance team generated 700 local volunteer hours, with key recipients including: United Cerebral Palsy and Gene Slay’s Girls and Boys Club. Canada’s achievements also include being named a Founders Award recipient for his work in the field of employee involvement and being appointed to the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

Canada’s philosophy of giving back more than you receive has helped him to form key relationships that continually build Alliance. Upholding his reputation, Canada operates with high business ethics and integrity, staying true to his Midwestern values.

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Did you know?

Jim will do about anything to help a nonprofit raise money. As part of his philanthropy, Jim put his “singing” and dancing skills on display as he participated in a lip-sync competition.


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