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Eric Schreimann 2022

Eric Schreimann

President & CEO

Club Fitness

Location: St. Peters, MO

Founded: 1983

Industry: Fitness

If you walk into any of the 19 Club Fitness locations in the St. Louis area, you might find that the employees’ dedication to the customer experience is above average. That’s because the health clubs are completely employee-owned and the only 100% employee-owned fitness clubs in the county. According to his staff, this is all possible because of the president and CEO Eric Schreimann, who has been instrumental in the company’s evolution since 2015.

As a former professional baseball player, Schreimann joined the company as a commercial banker and presented the then-owner with viable options to sell the company back to the employees. Schreimann stayed on as CFO to prepare for the transition and was ultimately named president and CEO to help the company evolve into what it is today.

“The impact of employee ownership has played a key role in elevating member experience and has established positive team spirit as a core value within the organization,” said his staff. “It is this type of vi sion, combined with his drive, integrity and undying support of his team, which makes Eric Schreimann a titan within the fitness industry.”

Although Club Fitness’s core operation would classify within the fitness industry, Schreimann said that the model has an array of offerings that would be more appropriately associated within the wellness industry with services such as hydromassage, percussion therapy and metabolic meals. The mission of the company is to provide the best experience for everyBODY to improve their quality of life through fitness.

“Eric continues to meet challenges head-on,” said his staff. “Club Fitness was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and Eric worked closely with the Department of Health to create a reopening plan that allowed people to come back in while maintaining strict safety standards for members and employees.”

Schreimann also led the company to become a member of the Medical Fitness Association and partnered with local medical communities for a holistic approach to wellness. His efforts have been recognized with honors such as being named a Top 100 Business Leader by Top 100 magazine.

As a former baseball player, Schreimann said he has had the opportunity to work and play for many leaders and coaches. “The coaches that led by mentoring and motivating, by far, had more wins and a better clubhouse culture,” he said. “I have carried those best practices into my professional career, leading by coaching, mentoring and motivating.

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Did you know?

During his time as a professional baseball player, Eric threw and hit from the right side. When it comes to writing checks, he’s actually left-handed.


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