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Eric Kittner

CEO and Chairman


Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1869

Industry: Financial Planning

Eric Kittner does not wait for opportunity; rather, he creates it.

Kittner, CEO and chairman, Moneta, a comprehensive wealth management firm distinguished by a 150-year history of innovation.

“As a leader, we are married to the final decision, and we will feel the impact of the decision made on a day-to-day basis,” he said.

Kittner is leading Moneta through a major transition resulting in explosive growth of the firm’s national footprint, launching Moneta’s first three expansion markets a. He has transformed Moneta from a single-location firm into one of the nation’s largest and top-ranked fee-only independent RIAs.

He also led Moneta’s first set of mergers and acquisitions, growing Moneta to $27 billion AUM, and it was ranked by Barron’s among the nation’s top 10 independent RIAs in each of the last five years. It is with passion for serving families for multiple generations that he is growing Moneta, recently launching its own trust company in 2021.

Still, Kittner said, there is always more to learn.

“It is important to learn constantly from our competitors and peers. Influence and leadership comes with maintaining a level of knowledge on what is happening in the industry,” he said. “Being a leader also requires us to try new things.”

Kittner said growth strategies create a dynamic combination that will attract elite advisory talent while continuing the legacy of delivering a level of service and loyalty to clients that only a completely independent company can offer.

“Building sustainable businesses beyond succession is what differentiates us from other firms,” Kittner said.

Kittner, featured on the cover of FA Magazine for a six-page story about Moneta’s unique path to the top of the industry through organic growth, was also featured on the cover of Real Assets Adviser for a story about Moneta’s alignment with one of the most exciting trends in the RIA business: the creation of large, successful firms creating national brands with scale and service.

Kittner said above all, he is most proud of taking the leadership handoff from the firm’s founding partners to lead Moneta through the transition to where it is today. Kittner said that he fiercely protects Moneta’s independence as it grows.

“All the expansions and acquisitions work in tandem with Monetas sustainable business model,” he said.

He added that this strategy, “gives our partners the resources to build businesses that fulfill our commitment to serve clients for generations to come.”

“Moneta is the ideal environment for advisors who want to build something bigger than themselves,” Kittner said. “The unique structure maintains that entrepreneurial spirit and freedom many independent advisors assume they must give up in order to gain the advantage of large-scale resources and support.”

He added: “At Moneta, you can have the best of both those worlds.

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Did you know?

Eric was a baseball pitcher who liked throwing off-speed pitches, so the changeup became a favorite.


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