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Chris Krehmeyer 2022

Chris Krehmeyer

President & CEO

Beyond Housing

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1975

Industry: Non-Profit - Community Development

For Chris Krehmeyer, being committed to your mission is the key to being a successful leader. “Remain unwavering in your commitment to the mission and empower others to join you and be successful,” he said. This mission serves him well as the CEO and president of Beyond Housing.

Beyond Housing is a not-for-profit community development firm that is embarking on a 10-year, $200 million effort to bring its comprehensive community building work to sale. Beyond Housing maintains a housing portfolio of 500 units, has over 1,000 owner-occupied homes, has 12 staff embedded in a local school district, operates a state licensed after school and summer school program and has created the region’s first substantial urban forestry program.

Since Krehmeyer’s tenure with Beyond Housing, the organization has seen 10-fold growth in staff, 18-fold growth in budget and a 25-fold increase in its balance sheet. “Chris continues to push his organization to innovate to better meet the needs of the community he so proudly serves,” said his staff. “He is known in the region as an innovative and tireless champion for those less fortunate.”

His 28-year tenure serving the St. Louis area serves as an example to his staff and the community. “Chris is simply unwavering in his commitment to make a difference in the lives his organization serves,” said his staff. “His long tenure is only unique in that his energy has not waned and he seems to be getting stronger and more committed, if that is even possible.”

Krehmeyer follows the methodology of Ask, Align and Act to lead the team at Beyond Housing. “Chris has the rare quality to be effective and comfortable in a corporate boardroom and at a community meeting,” said his staff.

It’s the culture of caring, hard work and fun that has led to the success of Beyond Housing. “The staff at the organization understands the high expectation Chris has but also realizes he cares about them and will support them in any way,” they said.

His efforts in the community have led to recognition throughout the years as the Ethical Humanist of the year by the St. Louis Ethical Society and as one of the Most Influential St. Louisans Lighting the Way. Krehmeyer’s long-term goal is to add to the company’s portfolio by rehabbing more homes, building new economic development projects, creating new afterschool slots, summer programs and college savings accounts.

“When all of this occurs, the community Beyond Housing serves will become strong, vibrant and sustainable well into the future,” said Krehmeyer

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Did you know?

Chris loves to cook and the organization has even raffled off dinner parties where he was the chef.


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