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Chad Wiegmann 2022

Chad Wiegmann


Wiegmann Associates

Location: St. Charles, MO

Founded: 1995

Industry: Mechanical Engineering / Construction

Chad Wiegmann’s favorite motto came from his grandmother. “Faith, family, fun, hard work, keep going, and don’t complain,” he said. “She did things the right way and was truly inspirational.”

Weigmann knows a thing or two about the strength of family. He has spent his entire career at Wiegmann Associates, which was founded by his father, and was named president in 2015.

Wiegmann is known for his strategic thinking, steadfast leadership, calm under pressure and creativity.

He has helped the company navigate some of its largest national projects, complete the acquisition of several other companies and record some of its best revenue.

Wiegmann Associates is a St. Louis-based mechanical engineering and contracting firm, and a national leader in design/build HVAC.

Since 1995, Wiegmann Associates has engineered and installed innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC, refrigeration and automation solutions for clients in a wide range of industries including senior living, food and beverage distribution, warehouse, healthcare, commercial and industrial.

With Wiegmann at the helm, the firm was named one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in St. Louis for 2021 and is on pace for yet another record-setting year.

“Never satisfied with the easiest path or solution, Chad sets the tone for Wiegmann by leading with innovation for each project and opportunity,” said his staff. “That’s a win for clients – whether that’s reducing their environmental impact, achieving LEED certification for their building, streamlining their processes, reducing utility and maintenance cost or hitting budget numbers for new construction projects.”

Wiegmann has gained success by bucking industry trends and working to earn the trust, respect and loyalty of the company’s clients, said his staff. “Chad oversees and coordinates all Wiegmann business segments, including sales, engineering, controls, field operations and service. He produces support and assistance when needed in design/build and controls engineering for key projects,” they said. “He also leads a family – and community focused company culture, making Wiegmann Associates a sought-after employer in the region and industry.”

Wiegmann sees even more growth in the future. “We will meet and exceed client expectations whenever we can while continuing to build the best possible team of people,” said Wiegmann. “We want to continue to provide our people with an opportunity to develop as employees, and as individuals, while achieving a healthy work-life balance.”

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Did you know?

Chad is an avid music lover and can name almost any song or artist within seconds of its first notes.


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