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Avichal Jain



Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1934

Industry: Distribution

Avichal Jain’s success is made up of many parts.

“We distribute appliance parts, plumbing parts and fixtures along with HVAC and cooling parts and units,” said Jain, who is president of Marcone, the largest authorized appliance parts distributor in the world.

Jain joined Marcone in 2014 as a consultant before becoming President, where he helps deliver powerful technology tools to clients.

“With the launch of our field service management software, Service Works, and other technological initiatives, the company continued to gain market share and expand in new markets,” he said. “With our 15+ strategically placed distribution centers and 100+ branches in North America, we have now built an extensive infrastructure that can serve 98% of the U.S. population with next day ground services. A few years and a couple of acquisitions later, our revenues are now 6 times of that in 2014.”

Jain attributes their success to a strong focus on customer service.

“We have a simplistic philosophy: A break or an outage at a home creates uncertainty in a homeowner’s world,” he said. “We want to make the repair fix certain but make sure that any order placed by a servicer before 5:00 PM local time is shipped the same day. We want to be a friend to the servicer community and offer them services to make their operations better, which in turn helps us grow our business. In the next 5 years, we will continue to take market share in the existing vertical and potentially enter more verticals.”

He added that with a fresh investment from a private equity firm, Marcone is poised to become the largest partner for the service companies that serve homes with appliances, plumbing, and HVAC.

“With the operational and technological improvements, we have been able to create a scalable infrastructure that has created unique opportunities for growth and brought certainty to the uncertain environment of break-fix or home repair,” he said.

Jain says his proudest achievement is creating an environment where employees are viewed as specialists and compensated based on their performance. “We are now the highest paying employer in almost all markets that we have our warehouses in,” he said.

“A true industry leader who looks out for the best interest of his employees,” Jain added, “This enables them to make more money and makes the company better.”

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Did you know?

Avichal is a pilot and flies often for business and pleasure in his airplane.


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