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Arpan Majumder



Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Technology

Arpan Majumder believes that a leader can make a bigger difference faster if you give the team permission to solve for one challenge at a time.

“It is too easy to try to do too much at one time when there is so much to do,” said Majumder, CFO and COO, SureCam, a leader in video telematics. “Focus is the real fuel for progress. People need permission to focus.”

Majumder’s story starts in Bangalore, India. After becoming a mechanical engineer and working several years in the energy sector, Majumder set off to attend business school on the other side of the world, eventually obtaining his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018. Shortly thereafter, Majumder started working for Lewis & Clark Capital as an analyst. In 2020, he ascended the ranks and was named a senior associate in addition to COO of SureCam, one of Lewis & Clark Capital’s fast-growing portfolio companies. He eventually assumed the roles of CFO/COO at SureCam, and vice president, Lewis & Clark Capital in 2021.

Recognized for his unwavering execution to realize tangible results, Majumder’s impact on the business and his command in his role as CFO/COO have steered SureCam onto a path of sustainable high growth. His successes include building a cohesive set of interconnected systems to deliver a hardware centric SaaS product to an SME market segment, redefining pricing with a tiered approach, and making video telematics accessible for a segment of the market that was previously locked out of the technology.

“Video telematics is traditionally so expensive and complex that businesses looking to leverage this technology require extra staffing resources to fully utilize it,” Majumder explained. “All too often, cost and complexity makes this critical safety technology out of reach for small and mid-sized businesses. We believe that every business with vehicles on the road should be able to protect itself with best-in-class fleet video technology.”

He explained that by providing access to SureCam’s best-in-class fleet video technology through a monthly rental program, small and mid-sized businesses are able to protect their vehicles and drivers without the prohibitive upfront costs of purchasing camera technology. Additionally, SureCam offers tiered software platform packages, allowing businesses to harness the level of fleet insights and data that are most actionable for their operation. The platform capabilities easily scale as the business continues to grow.

Widely respected by his staff and peers as a top leader in the company, Majumder is known to take the time to understand the challenges that people face and closely works with them to design strategies for the business that are sustainable and extensible.

“As a leader, I gently push staff at all levels of the business to always do more and think bigger for the customer,” Majumder said.

And as for the future of SureCam, Majumder is confident.

“In five years time, SureCam will have solidified its role as the video telematics provider of choice for small business, helping businesses run safely and more profitably,” Majumder said. “I’ll just let myself work and the results of my work speak for itself.”

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Did you know?

Arpan speaks four languages.


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