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Anthony Margherita

CEO and Medical Director

West County Spine & Sports Medicine/MCC Ventures

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Healthcare

What Dr. Anthony Margherita looks to drive his professional and personal life is the example his father set. “I learned from my father, an illiterate Italian immigrant who came to the United States with nothing and who built a successful drywall and construction business, that nothing is achieved without hard work, vision and a drive to succeed,” said Margherita.

As the CEO and medical director of West County Spine and Sports Medicine and MCC Ventures, Margherita leads with his humble beginnings in mind. Starting work as a construction laborer for his father instilled in him a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This led Margherita to operate a number of small business enterprises while attending high school, college and medical school.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a private practice-based clinical center of excellence related to non-operative spine, sports and musculoskeletal medicine. In addition to West County Spine and Sports Medicine, he also operates MCC Ventures, Clinical Research Professionals and COVID Testing St. Louis.

His clinic provides expert clinical evaluation and treatment for spinal and musculoskeletal services and regenerative treatment while the clinical research activities focus on areas involving neurological conditions. MCC Ventures offer services related to Cannabinoids while COVID Testing St. Louis offers testing services to organizations, meeting planners and large group gatherings.

According to his staff, Margherita is a Titan in the St. Louis market and beyond. “He is known as a healthcare entrepreneur, an exceptional clinician and a clinical researcher,” they said. “When other physicians cannot determine a patient’s problem, they refer to Dr. Margherita. As a master diagnostician, he excels at making diagnoses and establishing treatment plans.”

In addition, Margherita’s expertise has led to 25 published reference articles, abstracts and book chapters and he has participated as an investigator or principal investigator in over 85 clinical research trials. For 25 straight years, he has been honored as one of the Best Doctors in America.

Beyond his healthcare endeavors, Margherita is a master of work-life balance, said his staff. “A perpetual adventure seeker, Dr. Margherita is an avid scuba diver and skier, has traveled to six of the seven continents, all 50 states and 23 of the 63 national parks,” they said. “If a Titan is defined as a person of great strength, intellect and importance, then Dr. Margherita meets these criteria and is a Titan of healthcare.”

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Did you know?

Anthony completed 10,000 miles of bicycle touring and was a competitive disco dancer.


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