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Andy Arnold 2022

Andy Arnold

President & Chief Revenue Officer


Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1919

Industry: Marketing Technology and Services

Andy Arnold describes himself as naturally curious, and, without fear to ask questions, he finds that being willing to learn how to get the job done is a compulsory element to leadership. “It always strikes me that influential leaders are those who don’t start out trying to be, but rather those who aren’t afraid to show up, be present, listen and roll up their sleeves,” said Arnold. “This is foundational to the way I lead.”

This foundation has served him well as the president and chief revenue officer of Ansira, a leader in the marketing technology and services industry. Ansira’s mission is to empower companies operating in a distributed ecosystem to improve performance by realizing a connected marketplace. The company works with both enterprise brands, and local entities to ensure they have the services and technology they need to succeed in a model where sales are driven by indirect partners and customer experiences are paramount to growth.

Arnold has spent the lion’s share of his career at Ansira, beginning 20 years ago as vice president of client partnership and rising to his current role of chief revenue officer and president. According to his staff, Arnold’s connection with clients and unparalleled knowledge of the business and industry has resulted in long-tenured clients and the company’s creation and execution of innovative solutions.

“Beyond his connection to clients, the magic really lies in his foresight and ability to evolve, which even pre-pandemic, is a necessity in a world where you provide proprietary technology and services for more than 100 major brands across tech, automotive, restaurants, retail and more.”

Arnold said he strives to always take his leadership skills to the next level. “I continue to put myself in situations I’m not commonly in to push myself out of my comfort zone and network or connect with those outside of my immediate circle,” he said.

According to his staff, his passion for his work is boundless and it shows in the way he lives and breathes the business. “Beyond passion, though, is the innate business sense that brings all the pieces together in a clear and concise way, making him a natural and gifted leader in this fast-paced industry,” they said. “He is seen as a thought leader and is quick to identify and support talent on the team while empowering individual contributors and team leaders alike, resulting in diversity of thought and growth opportunities.”

For his willingness to embrace the unknown and empower others, Arnold has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Andy is an avid traveler and has traveled to more than 50 countries.


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