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Amit Bhagat 2022

Amit Bhagat


Amitech Solutions

Location: St. Louis, MO

Founded: 1999

Industry: Healthcare Consulting

After years of working extensively with customers in healthcare organizations, Amit Bhagat began to see the impact that data and analytics could have on the healthcare industry and how it could make healthcare better for all.

“There was an increasing pressure for healthcare organizations to find new and better ways to reduce the cost of care, improve quality of care and sustain their business,” Bhagat said. “Most healthcare organizations were sitting on large amounts of data but didn’t seem to have a clear path toward realizing the full potential of their organization’s data assets and converting it into actionable insights for making better decisions.”

Bhagat realized early on that data was one of the most important assets to improve quality of care. As a result, he founded Amitech Solutions in 1999. Amitech Solutions is a healthcare firm that partners with customers to deliver data, analytics and automation strategies and solutions to make healthcare more proactive, higher quality and less expensive for everyone.

In the beginning, Bhagat was the sole employee of his company with one customer. Two decades later, he has fostered a company culture focused on the employees, innovative technologies and customer service.

“The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on our healthcare ecosystem — from leading the COVID-19 response to radically shifting consumer behaviors and the harsh economic realities caused by the pandemic,” Bhagat said. “Amitech’s work in automation to utilize bots that mimic humans for repetitive, manual tasks and frees up human capacity will transform the American labor force.”

Simply put, Amitech strives to help bring digital labor into an organization’s workforce to interact with systems and work side-by-side with people to increase human bandwidth.

According to his staff, Bhagat is a Titan in the healthcare consulting industry based on his passion and vision to make healthcare better for all and tirelessly solving some of the most pressing and persistent challenges in healthcare.

“He is focused on carrying out his pursuit of making healthcare more proactive, higher quality and less expensive for everyone every day,” they said. “His 20 plus years of experience understanding how data, analytics and automation can improve clinical outcomes, quality of care, patient or member retention and other healthcare initiatives help to innovative care delivery and value-based payment models that drive healthcare costs down.”

For his commitment to high-quality healthcare and leadership in the field, Bhagat has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Amit is an avid runner and runs at least four times a week in the early morning.


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