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Adam Orf 2022

Adam Orf


Didion Orf Recycling

Location: St. Peters, MO

Founded: 2001

Industry: Metals and Electronics Recycling

Anyone can have a great idea; that is easy. But taking that great idea and making it happen? Well, that’s the hard part.

“If you surround yourself with personalities that are content with how things are, you will never succeed to do something great,” Orf said. “Choose who you want to surround yourself with and make it happen.”

And Orf did just that.

Learning how to run all the operations over the first 4 to 6 years and then advancing into the financial side of the business, Orf trained with the company from the ground up. In 2013, Orf began implementing a team to build the electronics recycling division of the company and was promoted to president. He gained ownership in 2019. Orf said the decision to start electronics recycling opened the door for the future growth of the business.

“Didion Orf Recycling recycles scrap metal in addition to recycling and refurbishing electronics. The metals division holds the RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard) management system and allows us to service industrial, demolition, smaller metals recycling yards, and residential customers. We run our own specialty fleet of trucks and trailers to accommodate all customer requirements.

“The Electronics division of Didion holds the R2 management system, which means accredited/ responsible electronics recycling and refurbishing,” he added. “Whether it be residential electronics or Fortune 500 companies, Didion Orf is always ready to help tailor an electronics end of life management plan for its customers. While abiding by DOD and ITAD regulations, Didion Orf Recycling offers pickup services on corporate electronics and is able to perform data destruction onsite or offer a certification of recycling once the equipment is picked up.”

Orf said that E-Waste Recycling (Electronics), Scrap Metals Recycling/Didion Orf Recycling has two locations in Missouri offering the local community a drop off spot for all grades of scrap metal and electronics.

“Anything that plugs into the wall can be recycled with us,” he said.

Looking ahead, Orf said that he will keep investing in his team and automated equipment.

“With more automated equipment, we will be able to operate two or three shifts while keeping fixed costs at a minimum. It will allow us to offer more services to our customer base and stay in front of our competition allowing us to continue our growth projections.”

Still, above all leader successes, Orf said his biggest professional accomplishment is the creation of the team that he works with every day.

“I have been blessed to have these individuals come into my life and clearly understand my vision of the business,” he said. “I hope people can see me as influential. As I continue to work toward being a better leader, I hope I can help coach others through failures and successes I have experienced in life so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I made. After all, the company is only as good as the people working it.”

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Did you know?

Adam drove his first ATV at the age of 3 years old.


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