Honoree Headshot

Victor Goldman

Chief Executive Officer
GoldBook Financial

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Founded: 2015
Industry: Financial Services

Victor Goldman jumped into the financial industry straight out of college and learned as many skills as possible with an eye toward entrepreneurship.

Early in his career, he found himself as a single father with three young boys. He declined many opportunities in higher-level roles to maintain a worklife balance so that he could be present in the day-today lives of his boys. Once his sons were older, and after years of studying the kind of business he would want to run, Goldman moved his family from New York to Phoenix, Arizona, where he opened and built a company from scratch, fulfilling a professional dream.

Today, GoldBook Financial is a successful, growing financial services firm helping individuals and companies build their financial futures through protection, planning and investment solutions.

“Having moved to Arizona seven years ago to build an office purely from scratch, we were able to quickly develop a very strong brand here in the marketplace because of the immediate impact we started having in our community,” Goldman said. “When others see the sincere efforts of our firm to effectuate positive change, they want to be a part of our something special.”

Goldman often references the acronym CEO, which for him stands for cohesion, execution and ownership. These pillars are an important part of the culture at GoldBook. Everybody works together in a cohesive manner and executes the tasks at hand while allowing and providing everyone the opportunity to take ownership in the space in which they are experts, Goldman’s team explained. With that mentality in place, GoldBook had its best year ever in 2021.

“By treating everyone you encounter with dignity and respect, you will be looked at in a different light,” Goldman said. “People love to feel appreciated for all of their hard work and efforts. When spending time with them, it is my goal to make them realize they are of utmost importance and to know how much gratitude I have for them. I make sure to understand people’s true intentions, where their heart is and what they are trying to communicate. When you have the right people in place, you never have to question their will or desire, so you can then focus on simply making some strategic tweaks to obtain the desired results.”

In the next five years, the company’s goal is to be the largest financial services firm in Arizona. GoldBook Financial received the Mass Mutual Foundation’s Community Service Award and donated $10,000 to Central Arizona Shelter Services. GoldBook Financial and Goldman were also the recipients of the Chairman’s Trophy Bowl.

The company was named No. 1 Best Places to Work, Micro Category, by the Phoenix Business Journal. “This solidified the vision and goal of building a company and culture where people are excited to go to work, grow and be successful,” the team said. “At the end of the day, each of us here at GoldBook Financial are family.”

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Honoree Fun fact

Victor worked at Yankee Stadium from 16-21 years old where he worked in the radio broadcast booth. This provided Victor with the ability to be on field during batting practice, in the club house and was also able to hang out with players on a regular basis. He would also pick the announcers after the game for an interview (star of the game).

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