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Tanya Wilson

CEO & Owner
Priority Pumping, Junk-Rite, Sudzli and Ladies Kickin' Ass

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founded: 2017
Industry: Home Services

Tanya Wilson built a highly successful company, and when it all collapsed in a way that might have sidelined most people, she went out and built another one.

In 2009, Wilson and a partner launched a septic company that grew to seven figures with 12 employees. “The entire business collapsed from fraud on my business partner’s behalf,” Wilson said. It left Wilson demoralized, with no business and a mountain of debt.

In 2017, she launched Priority Pumping, a septic and wastewater pumping company that has grown to seven figures and has eight employees. Wilson also owns a junk removal and hauling service and a business coaching company and podcast called Ladies Kickin’ Ass.

“I am wholly passionate about working with the older teens in high schools to help them understand that the home service industry is not a backup job opportunity for them but that they can make incredible money while serving others in their community by creating a business (or joining a business) that has integrity and is doing good things,” she said.

Priority Pumping has two 2,500-gallon septic pumping trucks and two full-system installation and construction teams. Wilson envisions growing to a five-truck operation and building out a wastewater treatment plant to expand the hours of operation. She also wants to add a repair crew and two more installation teams to expand on the company’s geographic footprint.

“We don’t do things the easy way, we do them the right way,” the company said. “Sometimes the situation with your septic system is not pretty and we’ll be honest with you, yet always help you find a resolution! … We’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and we’re always available to help. Our purpose at Priority Pumping is to share our education with you. We want you to know exactly what you have in the ground and what condition it is in and best maintenance practices.”

Wilson has been a speaker at major wastewater industry conventions and featured in several podcasts and publications. She said her Ladies Kickin’ Ass podcast is an extension of her overall mission to give back.

“Incorporating Ladies Kickin’ Ass, a podcast and mentorship community for women working in the home service industry, is very important and dear to my heart because it is my way of giving back to a large audience that I know feels lost and unsupported. Many women in this industry are decision- and play-makers and are highly underrecognized for all that they do. Some of them are owners, and they have a very unique story to tell. These stories help encourage other women to look to the trades as a valuable career opportunity.”

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Did you know?

Five Fun Facts about Tanya Wilson!I was born and raised in a tiny town of 118 population in Turnerville, Wyoming! I have two children of my own Ayzli is 12 and Cash is 8. Then I married my love Jake in 2020 and he brought along three more kiddos Peytan 13, Cater 10 and Caleb 6. We are a true Brady Bunch and I love it - 5 kiddos is a lot of work :)I just helped my 12 year old daughter Ayzli launch her first business - its a beauty brand called Sudzli. She just went live this week with an online store. So proud of her!My bucket list trip is to go to Scotland and Ireland and sleep in an old castle and drink beer in a real Irish pub!I learned how to drive as soon as my feet could reach the pedals, we were easily driving around the small town by age 13.

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